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First things first, the new puppet has a name: Norman T Newbie III. Sounds like old money, doesn’t it?

Thank you so much to our instagram followers @trulyrealro and @angelcorpuschristi and blog reader Jessie.

The Dedes are a bit wary of the new one after his gaffe with the gun, but they try to stay open minded and will watch him for a while.

Well, while they were watching, Top Dog jumped into action and slidled up to the youngster.


“I could use a young lad just like you” he said to Norman T Newbie III and put his arm around his shoulder, “You could be in charge of security at my rallies.”

The young one was flattered but didn’t want to look too keen. “I am not completely finished yet” he said half-heartedly. “Don’t worry, I’ll look after you. I know what you need and I will give you exactly that” replied Top Dog and offered his hand to seal the deal before Norman T Newbie III could think of another excuse.


Devil wants to take part in the “Embrace Diversity” project as well. But he believes his counterpart should be an angel and he couldn’t find any amongst the Dedes. So he went to the artist (that would be me) to air his frustration. While he was with me, we heard a loud clunk on the table and he went to investigate. Watch the little film to find out what it is all about.

He discovered we just hit the little milestone of 500 followers on Instagram. You might know that Instagram followers are very fickle, they come and go very quickly. We can understand that, as there is so much to see. I myself have reached the maximal number I can follow and still engage with. Every so often I have to let someone go, so that I can engage with someone else. (Little hint, if you want to keep me as follower, make sure you don’t post too much on one day. The ones that chuck up 20 posts a day are the first ones I say good-bye to.)

Anyway the Dedes are interested in longterm relationships and we came up with a cunning little plan.  If you recommend the Dedes on Instagram to your friends you go into the draw of a Dede-You. That is a personalised Dede. The competition runs until the 6th of August 2016 and the winner is drawn on the 7th. If you have an Instagram account do have a look (and spread the word :)).

what puppet are you

This morning I quickly put together the contest ad and rules and posted in on Instagram. Sadly, something went terribly wrong and I am in trouble with the puppets again. The little film with Devil earlier today had fifty views and ten comments within the hour. The post about the competition had four. Oooppps. That is poor performance indeed, there is no denying! I tried to defend myself by telling the Dedes, that a third of our readership is actually living in America and they had just gone to bed. The Dedes didn’t accept that, they believe that the advertising was crap. Honestly, who wants to be a puppet. While many love to watch the antics of the Dedes, looking like a Dede is something else, isn’t it?

The Dedes very clearly view this exercise as an attempt to get a higher profile, while I view it as an artistic collaboration. Personally, I don’t have a problem expressing myself as a puppet, it is a well-know fact by now that Cash Cow has my eyes.  But I agree, we should have talked about it in more detail, before I jumped the gun.

We now settled that we will wait until tomorrow morning. If there is still poor participation, the Dedes will change the rules, as they so often do.



Mouse was very keen this morning to find out how the first day went. She doesn’t like to look at the blog on her mobile phone, so she jumped on the laptop before breakfast…. and the silly computer did it’s silly updates. She got so frustrated that she nearly chucked it in. She wrote a post for Instagram, telling the readers that there is no update and just as she was about to hit the publish button, the computer made its welcome noise. Grrr.

So, she deleted her angry post and hopped back onto the computer to check out what happened on the blog. Nothing much. Grrrr again.

“Clearly our mistake, ” said Devil “we have let the blog slide too much.”

“That is history. We try to make amends here, aren’t we” said Mouse and analysed what she saw. On the blog all contestants were introduced at once and Snotty Nosed Prince has clearly taken the lead. There are six Dedes with the same amount of votes (1! isn’t that sad) and two who have no votes whatsoever, Lapdog and Loudmouth. “I know how that feels” said Snippedy, the clown, secretly smirking away as he knew this time he will be safe, at least he has some votes. In the last competition he didn’t get past the preliminaries. He had nothing, zilch!

On Instagram only two contestants were introduced yesterday: Chambermaid and Snippedy. Both showed equal amounts of likes this morning, 57 to be precise. So with their one vote from the blog each, they are currently sharing the lead. But the two Dedes that were introduced this morning are catching up fast.

If you haven’t voted yet, Mouse has set-up a special page here on the blog (available from the menu) where you can read about all the contestants and vote. The Dedes do appreciate your support!



Yes, the Dedes are back to normal. Unfortunately part of their normality is their struggle for survival. They don’t want to have anything for free, but for some of them it is very difficult. Look, for example, at Rob D Light. He has been looking for a job for ever and lives under a blanket of newspapers. His old one is ripped and he gratefully grabbed the discarded ransom note because it was glued on 120gsm paper. That will be a bit warmer than the thin newsprint in the approaching New Zealand winter.

SuperDedeCompetition_CoverMouse said Cool Cat should do some work to get noticed, but that is easier said than done. Mouse works relentlessly. She is a workaholic to be precise, but does she earn a decent income? No! She has put together the Artist’s Survival Cookbook which is available in print, and just two days ago, she put the latest publication The Super Dede Competition as an ebook on smashwords. The problem is the marketing. Not one Dede is an expert at that.

So, Mouse has taken charge of this now as well. She put the price on US$3.99, which for an ebook might appear a bit dear, but she argued it should be viewed as a donation to the Dedes. They don’t want to have anything for free, though it is obvious they can’t survive on thin air. “Look at it” she said defending her decision. “It is the price of a cup of coffee”. Then she went on to explain where the money is going. $1 from each book goes to Rob D Light and another $1 goes to L’Artiste so he can continue his carefree work. The rest that is not withheld by Smashwords for administration will go to repay debts the Dedes have accumulated in recent years. Originally she wanted to put it in the kitty for a rainy day, but no, it is better to get rid of debts first the others said.

So here we are: click on the image, buy the book, donate to the Dedes and tell all your friends about it. The Dedes will be eternally grateful.


closet maid

The other day I installed a clothes rail in my art cupboard. I couldn’t resist taking a picture of the two bits that hold the rail. Aren’t they happy?


Rob D Light is looking for a job and has been for quite some time. Though he has heaps of skills, he has mainly been working for himself so he doesn’t have a long CV. His first approach was to simply be nice to people and volunteer his help, like offering to carry the shopping to the kitchen. For some reason people are reluctant to accept his help and hold on tight to their bags. Then yesterday, Rob drew up a sign to show on Instagram. No one came forward to offer him a position. It seems the viewers don’t take him seriously, or they get the wrong impression. It doesn’t help that he has a serious health issue. He can’t work on building sites because he has a severe dust allergy (that’s why he always wears his handkerchief).

When he crawled under his blanket of newspaper last night without getting a single offer he was quite depressed. He was so worried he couldn’t close his eyes at all.

Does anyone have any ideas?

no chance


devil bloodpressure

Devil is the oldest Dede. As I metioned before, he used to be the spokesperson for the puppets but lost his job some time ago. Back then, the Dede management decided to restructure. In Devil‘s mind it was simply a move to get rid of him and to this day he still believes it was based on ageism. He heard a rumour that his approach was a bit too old-fashioned because he favours a slow and steady approach. In the restructuring process he was promoted to breakfast director and young Top Dog took over the marketing department. Top Dog knows everything and can do everything (he is a great self promoter). Have you ever seen Top Dog around? No? That is exactly my point. He is too busy convincing management what a brilliant job he does on social media. But look more closely and you’ll find no evidence whatsoever that he’s done anything.

In the beginning Devil thought the Dedes would quickly figure out what a wind bag the new one is. The Dedes are not stupid. But the longer it takes the more agitated he becomes. Absolutely no-one seems to see through the ruse. Have you ever been in such a situation? You know exactly what’s best, but management just wont listen? It’s been going on far too long and the situation is starting to take its toll. Devil has developed seriously high blood pressure and has to measure it every time he enters the meeting room. Maybe he needs to accept there is no way back and start to move forwards.

body return

Mole can’t cope with being wanted by all the Dedes for stealing their bodies. Of course there is a very simple explanation, but it is a slightly longer story. Please care to listen to his side of the incident.

Let me recap the story: the Dedes had a day off and, messy as they are, left their bodies scattered around the studio. Lil’Dede Mole happened to pass by and virtually tripped over the abandoned property. He honestly thought he hit the jack pot when he saw these robes with extra large hands. They are just perfect for his work, you know, he has to dig in the dirt all day. He was just putting his found treasures neatly in a pile when Foxy Lady appeared out of nowehere and started to talk to him Mole got such a big fright, that he took off with the floatsam as fast as he could. After all, foxes are his natural enemies. They eat moles when they spot them. Can anybody blame him for his behaviour?

When Mole discovered the “Wanted” poster, he finally figured out the clothes weren’t without owners and asked Bad Conscience to take them back. Mole is dyslexic too, so to show his deep regret he added his heart to the parcel.

What do you think of Mole now?

lartiste painting

L’Artiste is wondering why the garden is teeming with Dedes looking for their Dopplegängers. Loudmouth started the craze, accidentially I might add. Then Monkey went out there. Cash Cow and Push Push the elephant have tried their luck in the garden as well, and who knows who else. I haven’t checked lately but I can tell you it’s like being at a fun fair out there. L’Artiste stayed put in his quiet corner of the studio and shook his head in disbelieve, muttering “why would I bother? I know I am unique!”

Note from the artist behind the scenes: Now I have a confession to make. On Instagram the Dedes tell a totally different story. Similar pictures though. On Instagram Loudmouth met her ‘role model’, rather than her Dopplegänger. And here L’Artiste asks “why would I need a role model? I am the role model!” Different realities, eh. I try to keep everything in sync, but is is worthwhile to check out Instagram, there is also some additional footage. So if you are on it anyway, you might want have a looksie.

garlic plaiting

The Dedes agreed on one thing yesterday evening.  Devil has to get off the phone. He defended his behaviour by saying it was all research for the Dedes at large. They didn’t believe him and decided on a phone-free Tuesday (every week from now on). Then, one of the other puppets will babysit the phone and Devil has to do chores around the house and garden. Today he has to help Mouse plait the garlic she harvested earlier. He is not a happy chappy. “Hang on,” he said. “Didn’t we all say we should agree on a decision? I haven’t!” “Overruled!” “So much for decision by consent!”