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The last week in the Super Dede Competition is question week. The readers can ask anything and one of the contestants will have to answer.

@francisvalela asked if the Dedes are ever making a video. “Funny you should ask,” said Push Push and ran off the stage to grab a tape.

“We used to make films in the old days. This one is footage from my first talent show!” she cried and waved the tape around. Then she added quietly “sadly I failed back then. I have worked so hard to improve and this is the reason why I am so annoyed about the size of the stage.”

The readers thought her dancing was tremendous and no one could understand how she she failed last time.

The next day @gulayse56 asked “When you are not interacting with humans and are offstage totally by yourselves, in which language / how do you communicate?” Monkey was very keen to answer that one. In lieu of enough monkeys he had to ask Mouse and Devil for help to demonstrate. “We have two native languages” he said


“Firstly of course ‘Dada’ and secondly ‘No Evil’. Unfortunately ‘No Evil’ is spoken less than Dada and is on the verge of dying out. We really should start a programme to remind Dedes how it is spoken properly.”

@gulayse56 thanked Monkey for his response and believes ‘No Evil’ should be revived to exceed the boundaries of Dedeland. It should be taught to all humans as well.

We then had a question from our off-line friend John Doe, which Court Jester found interesting and was keen to answer. “You are nobodies and you even have to share your robes. How does it feel to be poor?”


“We believe” said Court Jester for once seriously “rich and poor are comparative terms. Poorer than who? Richer than what? Okay we don’t eat caviar, but we eat well because we grow our own food. I have less possessions than the king, but I consider myself richer because I am free!” And on and on he went with his examples until Devil interrupted: “Is this leading somewhere or are you simply waffling?”

“Okay in this day and age feeling rich or poor is mostly a mental perception” summarised Court Jester, “and we Dedes feel rich despite being nobodies!”

This answer obviously brought on a flood of new questions and Mouse found a way combine some that were related: ” @angelcorpuschristi wanted to know about the Dedes secret language, @wizened_gnome was keen to find out whether the Dedes get all their knowledge from the Artist or also from other sources and @showtiart wanted to know if the Dedes were actors or real.


Skeleton Edeltraut who knows all the secrets was the right puppet to answer. “Of course the Dedes are real, but they can’t talk to humans directly. Therefor they had to invent this Artist figure who communicates their story to the rest of the world. The Dedes do not learn from the Artist, on the contrary, they learn from observation and then educate the Artist.”

The last question was directed at Cool Cat, as she hadn’t answered so far. It was @theblanche who asked “If a Dede is stuck in the rain, what next?” Cool Cat got a big fright, as she knows ‘Self-regulation‘ lives with @theblanche and of course she immediately feared this ex-pat Dede had an accident. But no, @theblanche confirmed it was a more esoteric question.


After this was cleared up Cool Cat set out to answer, but Top Dog came on stage and pushed her to the side. “I am the only one who can answer that, as I am the only Dede, who has lived through this ordeal!” and then he told the story again, when this horrible Artist left him out in the backyard for two weeks around Easter time three years ago. Only after the insistence of a kind reader was he pardoned and let back into the house.

“Didn’t we learn yesterday, the Artist is only the figment of our imagination.” Cool Cat pointed out. “Obviously someone is lying!”

After Cool Cat had expressed her concerns for ‘Self-regulation‘ we received a picture from the puppet, showing her on an outing to Mt Hood. Not sure if she really enjoyed her outing, she looks pretty uncomfortably cold.


The Artist also confirmed the truth of Top Dog’s story. He had indeed spent two weeks outdoors as punishment for bad behaviour. Much to the disappointment of everyone, he weathered all storms and survived unscathed. One of our readers suggested, next time we should try three weeks.

Charly, the unicorn Dede who lives in New York, wanted to be the judge of the competition, despite he is currently suffering from a cold. He had read somewhere that in the old days judges put a white cloth on their heads when they read the verdict. So he popped a cloth on his head and begged “let me be the judge.” Francis Valela had a hard time convincing Charly that he is by no means the judge and anyway it might be wise to wait until all the summaries have been published this week.


“Fair enough” conceded Charly “but I can tell you now, I was very impressed by Court Jester’s response re rich and poor!”

To be continued next Monday.



The last week was skills week in the Super Dede Competition and Cool Cat had to present first.


“I am sick of sharing these dreary old nobody bodies” she said pointing to the black robes they all forced to wear. “When can a pretty girl like me show cleavage? I made this dress so I can stand out from the crowd.”

Well the Artist thought she looks like a housewife from the fifties, though the readers loved the dress. One reader, @spoons_and_friends reminded Cool Cat, that ‘it is not important what you wear or will garner your attention… and if it does, it is really the kind of attention you want?’ That definitely got Cool Cat thinking.

Next day Skeleton Edeltraut had to come up on stage. Poor thing, having lived in the closet for such a long time she was a bit confused.


“What is a skill” she asked Devil. “Something you are good at” he replied and shoved her into the lights without further ado. There she stood like a little possum and couldn’t move. “We don’t have all day” reminded Devil impatiently.

“I think I am best in keeping secrets” the skeleton said finally and quickly slinked off the stage.

Some readers felt sorry for Skeleton Edeltraut that she had been pushed into the limelight, while others confirmed that she has a valid skill indeed. @theblanche reminded us that ‘loose lips sink ships’ and commended Skeleton on her talent.

Monkey of course has no problems with being centre of attention and showing off.


“Look” he said “I can balance a banana on my nose…. oops” and it fell off.

Devil shook his head “There are skills and there are useful skills” he sighed “where on earth did we find these contestants?”

The real skill here, and some of the readers agreed, is that Monkey can make others laugh, right?


Court Jester seems to have a very similar skill as Monkey. He came on stage and proclaimed “I have the skill of making fun of everything.” Devil of course couldn’t withhold his comment: “That is not a skill, that is a nuisance!” Court Jester wasn’t flustered at all “I totally disagree,” he said with his trademark smile “Nothing is more rewarding than to see people laugh about themselves!”

The readers were divided on this one. One said both Dedes spoke the truth, while others said he should keep up the good work. It shows that everything has two sides.

Last, but not least Push Push had to show her skill. She has been practising for month, if not years. Ever since she took part in another talent show and failed.


She swooned onto the stage donning a tutu and… started crying inconsolably. “I worked so hard on my ballet routine, but the stage is too small for me.”

Isn’t the management committee disorganised this time round? Push Push had in fact complained about the size of the stage last week, but nobody took notice. We are missing Detail so much.


And then Devil realised they stuffed up big time. They had forgotten to tell the readers that next week is Q&A week. Mouse looked bedazzled. “I never though I would say that,” she admitted “I really miss Detail. With her in the management team this never would have happened!”

To be continued next week….


The Dedes realised they need a project. Their little society has become too divisive in the last year, with Top Dog always wanting the limelight. When brainstorming, most were in favour of running yet another tried and trusted Super Dede Competition. However, Mouse, the organiser, who has to do most of the work, asked if the competition could be run on one platform only. The Dedes have currently a very active following on Instagram, so she decided it will be there. But don’t worry, we will report on the progress here on the blog, a nice little weekly summary with some additional background information.

At the moment the contestants are introduced. One per day. (The Dedes don’t want to flood the readers with information and keep pretty much to one post a day). As in previous years, there will be 10 puppets to choose from, with five making it into the three week competition. The selection is strictly on likes and comments. While every reader has only one like per contestant, they can have more than one comment. A like counts as one point and a comment as five.

Here are the contestants that have been introduced so far:


Contestant No 1: Court Jester. He makes fun of everything and never seems too serious. ‘Seems’ is the operative word here. If you care to listen, he actually makes a lot of sense. He also had to put his name forward, otherwise the next contestant wouldn’t have agreed to give it a go.



Contestant No 2: Snotty Nosed Prince. He appears to be arrogant and doesn’t want to mingle with commoners. One can be never sure, whether he has a wicked sense of humor or whether he is deadpan serious. Listening to his words, one only hopes it is a wicked sense of humor!


Contestant No 3: Monkey. It is no secret he does everything for a banana and a laugh. He tried to get into the first Super Dede Competition in 2013, but didn’t make it. Of course he would be heart-broken if he didn’t make the cut again.


Contestant No 4: Push Push. The elephant was told by Monkey, there will be bananas and she wants to have her fair share. Besides, her therapist said she has to work on her confidence.


Contestant No 5: Junior. When he was born he was given this baseball cap by Top Dog to set him up for life. Sadly Junior had to find out the hard way, that a cap doesn’t necessarily make one great. Now he wants to prove he is good for great things.


Contestant No 6: Cool Cat. In the last competition Cool Cat had put Alley Cat forward as a representative of the feline fraternity. Alley Cat didn’t get in though, so this time it is Cool Cat’s turn to prove the worthiness of cats. The two couldn’t be more different and we have to see if this cat fares better.

And this is how far we got. Four more contestants to introduce this week. Lapdog the gender-fluid little dog, who won the competition last time has a hard time to find volunteers. He is adamant not to give Top Dog a chance, so he is hard at work convincing some indecisive ones.

Cool Cat was only introduced this morning, so her results are not in yet. However here is a sneak preview how every one is doing after the first week:

The loser is definitely Snotty Nosed Prince. Yes, arrogance doesn’t seem to be attractive to our wider audience. He has 45 likes and two comments.

With the other ones, everything is still possible. The forerunner a the moment is Court Jester with 56 likes and 6 comments, followed by Monkey with 52 likes and 5 comments, Push Push 50 likes and 4 comments and Junior 51 likes and 2 comments.

Competition is fierce!


Meanwhile on the journey across the property to get materials for the stage, the odd jobs worker Rob D Light confided in Devil that he would rather like to be on stage than building it. Devil was most supportive for Rob to give it a go. We have to see if he is brave enough to approach Lapdog to put him on the list!

Next report will be next Monday!




The first week of the competition had taken it’s toll. Devil desperately needed a sleep-in on his day off. He is a little disappointed about the calibre of the contestants this time. In the last Super Dede Competition the contestants were much more willing to talk about themselves. This bunch here seems to be quite withdrawn. Devil had to find out the hard way, that the job of MC is much more demanding, when the contestants are not forthcoming. So yesterday he put his sleeping mask on and stayed in bed all day, not caring what else happened in the world.

Mouse on the other hand wants to make the competition a success. Instead of taking it easy on her day off, she spent all day yesterday to organise a retreat for the management team. It was rather short notice, but Mouse thought the three should learn from the first week and apply their findings to the second week. She was overjoyed, when she managed to secure the external consultant Millie. Millie was hanging around a dysfunctional workplace for a long time and had observed the most outrages things there. She was bound to offer invaluable and unbiased advice from the outside.


They met in the dining room. “Look a the contestants” said Devil to fill the cow in “There is a clown hiding behind his mask, a gender-fluid little dog, a sick old codger, a too gentle devil and an undervalued servant.” Millie listend, swaying her head a little and said “What’s wrong with that? That should make for a very interesting competition.”  Then she focussed on Devil and said after looking straight into his eyes for a tad too long. “Can I have a look at your neck, is it by any chance red?”


Welcome to the Super Dede Competition 2016.


This week is a preliminary round and you are asked to vote for your favourite puppet or puppets, those you would like to be contestants in the Super Dede Competition. Of course, not all Dedes are in favour of the competition and Detail has done a great job of rustling up these 10 brave Dedes to choose from. The five with the highest score will go on to compete. The others will be sent home. To help you with your decision the ten puppets were asked to briefly state why they are here.

It will be a bit tricky establishing the winner of the preliminary round, as the competition runs on Instagram, Facebook and this blog. Mouse will simply add the Instagram and Facebook likes to the poll result on the blog. We have until next Saturday to establish who will become contestants.

You can vote for more than one puppet and please, please, please tell all your friends to vote too :)

The Dedes work impromptu and they appreciate any comments and suggestions. We are all very excited about what is going to happen in the next four weeks. All comments will go into the draw for a signed copy of the first Dede puppet book Hermit’s Web or the few friends I need, I handcraft myself.

Now give a big hand for the applicants!

(In alphabetical order)

Alley Cat

“I am here because it wasn’t cool enough for Cool Cat, but we felines need a representative in the cast.”



“I want to be in the competition because I am sick of tidying up after all the other Dedes.”


Granddad Max

“I am old but I am not dead. We seniors have something to say.”

Granddad Max_s

Milky Bar Devil

“I am a devil in training and I want to learn how to become ruthless.”

Milkybar Devil_s


“I am here because I’m soooo prettaay.”



“Honestly, I am the only Dede who can sing. This is a singing contest, isn’t it?”



“I didn’t make it last time, so I’m trying again.”


Snotty Nosed Prince

“The king said I should experience what the commoners enjoy.”

Snotty nosed prince_s


“I want to be an artist and the prize money might set me up.”


Top Dog

“I will win. I am a joker, I simply trump them all.”

top Dog_s

Now, please vote for you favorite puppets!


Phew, Detail has managed to find 10 brave Dedes to put their heart on the line for the new Super Dede Competition. I don’t know how, but she has. For the moment she is still holding the list close to her chest. It will be revealed in the week starting tomorrow.

I have to commend the three puppets on the management team. They work excellently together. Mouse is the hard worker, Detail makes sure, nothing is overlooked and Devil is the pretty public face. So, tell me what can go wrong?

However, there are still a few organisational issues to clarify and discuss. First of all, what is in it for our readers who comment or make suggestions? The management team decided that every single comment and suggestion will go into the draw for a signed copy of the first Dede puppet book Hermit’s Web or the few friends I need, I handcraft myself.  This is the story of how it all began. The puppets haven’t said exactly how many copies they will make available. If there is good participation they will up the ante and make more prizes available. They will keep you posted. Also, should you win and you already have the book, we find another Dede prize for you :).

So far, the Dedes have posted only one image a day on Instagram, for the competition this will most certainly change. To be honest, the Dedes totally dislike when you get bombarded with images from one single person, but to get all the information out they will definitely need more space. The headquarters for the competition is located on the blog. Here you will always find more info than on Instagram or Facebook.

Any questions?

Tomorrow morning Mouse will post the rules…



It looks like the idea of a Super Dede Competition 2016 has found general approval. The preparations are running high and the competition will start on Monday the 4th of June.

Not everybody is excited though. Smuggy, who was mainly noticed for his heckling last time, tried to prevent it all from happening by running away with the curtain. But Chambermaid held on tight, she does not want to let go of her dream. This morning Snippedy, the clown put Smuggy in his place. He said it is okay for Smuggy to be opposed, as he doesn’t have any talent whatsoever. Snippedy on the other hand, has been working hard in the past years to improve his skills. You might remember that last time Snippedy didn’t make it into the final group of five contestants. He had absolutely no votes from the viewers. This won’t happen again, he is adamant. I had to bite my tongue. Don’t you think the comment was very imprudent, knowing that this guy’s talent is definitly heckling.



We had a really tough weekend at the Dede household with lots of crying and desperation. Devil was frustrated. His “Freeday” didn’t turn out as he expected. One of the Instagram readers suspected that it is just another devilish ruse and who knows how much you really have pay for it in the end. The reader made a good point. Devil has no idea how other people perceive him. Of course, he thinks he is the nicest Dede on the planet. We won’t burst his bubble, but it does explain why his generous offer wasn’t taken up in droves. He has kindly extended the offer until the 5th of June 2016. And no, it isn’t a devilish ruse. The book really is free (go to and enter the code VV39S before you check out to get your free copy).


One of our followers,  Jessie Martinovic in Australia, downloaded the book and sent us a wonderful message (see comment in the previous post). Thank you so much Jessie for this amazing feedback, it made my day. Unfortunately it was too late to lift Devil’s spirits.  You know how it is, once you are in this downward spiral, you go down, down, down until you hit the ground. So Mouse and Devil, who are usually an excellent team, sat down together and cried their little hearts out. Each of them tried to outdo the other as to who is the poorer puppet. In the end Mouse pointed out that it is dire for them all as I have set up another instagram account called beyond_the_dedes. I won’t tell you what Devil called me on instagram, but I can assure you, he wasn’t the nicest puppet on the planet then :)) I knew very well they won’t like it. They really want to have my full attention. But I can’t help it, I do other stuff as well! At least now we have proper separation.


Yesterday, the benevolent King had enough of their antics. He looked at the sorry pair and remarked that it doesn’t help anyone when they drown themselves in a sea of snot-drenched hankies. That made them think and when Chambermaid came along this morning to clean up their mess, they listened to her suggestion.


Once she had picked up all the hankies, Chambermaid dragged a big piece of fabric into the room and suggested they should make a theatre curtain from the material and run another Super Dede Competition. The 2016 version. Devil wasn’t entirely convinced. He knows how much work it is and they would also need support from the readers to make it work. But don’t forget, a minute earlier he was still very depressed, and just putting the idea to the readers is something of a victory for Chambermaid. She of course dreams of becoming a contestant and that could mean “good bye snotty hankies for ever!”

Mouse doesn’t have an opinion. As usual, she just wants to be busy. Faster than you can say boo she got her clipboard out to make notes about how the whole thing could work across two platforms: Instagram and the blog.

So what do you think?


devil at tree

I wonder whether Pavlova is spoiling the Dedes too much. They don’t seem to be in a hurry to come home. There’s no way their strategy meeting can take two weeks. I think that’s how long it has been since they’ve moved to the burrow. It seems ages.  I hope they’ll know when they have outstayed their welcome and come back before they come to blows.

Pavlova certainly tries to make a good impression, but at some stage looking after 40 Dedes and going to the lab everyday might just become a tad too demanding. She might end up having a nervous break-down. I pray one of them will recognise the tell-tale signs and shepherd them back home in time.

I was hoping Devil and Mouse would be back today as the competition has finished. I even went up to the burrow to ask them to come back, but Devil had no inclination to do so. Ah well, on second thought, they wouldn’t be much help anyway. I really can imagine them sitting in the burrow bickering over whether the competition was a success or a failure. Mouse will defend its success and Devil will pooh pooh it. This can go on forever without reaching a decisive conclusion as neither want to give in. I know my Dedes!

In my mind Alien is definitely the winner. Without the competition he would have never known that he is not alone. There are other aliens at the Ohio Falls. However, they seem to be from a different planet. They are certainly more outgoing and inquisitive than the Dede Alien.  The Dedes are painfully introverted and mainly concerned with their own little world. But it was very clear in all the stories that nobody considered Alien a threat or even remotely vicious. He (or she) was welcomed everywhere. Everybody just assumed, or maybe hoped, he/she came  in peace. What else would you expect from somebody with such a big smile?

We had 4 entries in our little competition and originally I said  the prizes would be one book and 2 sets of postcards. This makes – if my math is right – 3 prizes :). What can I do?

I will add another book. So everyone who has gone to the trouble of writing will receive a Thankyou from the Dedes. ArtistatExit0 and Leopoldine will receive the book “Hermit’s Web” and Arindam and Armin will receive 10 Dede postcards each. How did I come to the decision of who gets what? Simply because I know that Arindam and Armin have the book already :). So I hope you find this a fair solution!
I will be in touch via email!

And thanks again for your invaluable support of the Dedes!

We’ve received another story from a fan in Germany via facebook. This is really exciting. It is written in English so everybody can read it. Thank you so much, Armin!

However, I am still unsure how facebook works and I have to admit, I am very worried about privacy issues and all that. I am also not sure how to link from facebook back to the blog. The other way round works well for me :)

So I decided to copy Armin’s story to the blog here.

The Northern Hemisphere is moving into spring and it is very clear everybody is craving for more balmy, sunny days.  The healing power of the sun is just so amazing, isn’t it?

Here is the story:

alien competition

Alien tries to catch this big red star falling down into her hands. It’s spring on earth and everybody is looking up to the sky. This clear and wide open sky. Looks like heaven. Most people are looking for this near and at once far star called sun. Our yellow star. In spring this sun shows all her power. Suddenly the days become longer. And man and woman are excited. And the plants also spring.
A long time they had to live without light and delight. And many people were made insecure, if sun would ever come back. One day at a time it was dark and dull. And everybody became more and more tired. Some fall in depression.
But since yesterday all the dark clouds had left the sky and our mind. We feel good and lucky. We feel strong and so brave, that we would like to make this great world a better place.
So it will be, and nothing will stop us on our way to this bright future. Let’s work together. Nobody should stay alone. We will live together in love and peace under our helpful and supporting sun.
And Alien will catch a second sun for us just to make our live greater.