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bully fairy and mouse

Mouse used to be Devil‘s confidant. But since he started his new job he doesn’t have much time for her. She didn’t mind too much as she was so engaged with Artists’s survival cookbook. She didn’t even notice they were drifting apart. All of a sudden she realised that it was difficult to have a decent conversation with him. And since he wasn’t forthcoming with any info Mouse turned to Fairy Godmother, who has been chatting a lot with Devil lately.

“Do you know what’s up with Devil?” Mouse asked her bluntly. Fairy Godmother rolled her eyes, “I think he is loosing it” she said, and held both her hands up as if she wanted to say don’t go there. “He tells me stories” she continued. “They can’t possibly have happened. It sounds like his colleague is Machiavelli and our friend Devil is a wallflower. He surely must be exaggerating.” Mouse looked at her in surprise. That didn’t sound anything like the Devil she knew. “You know, Devil is actually very caring. Some people only think ill of him because he doesn’t blindly side with them. He always calls a spade a spade.”

“I’m telling you he’s loosing it!” repeated Fairy Godmother.

“Just give me an example” begged Mouse.

“It seems there is one colleague, Top Dog, who has it in for him” said Fairy Godmother. “But I can’t tell you any details. He has told me so much that it’s all become a bit blurred.”

bully devil

Mouse was shocked when she heard Devil had been bullied in his new job. The two of them had done so much together and worked really well as a team, like when they ran the Super Dede competition at Christmas two years ago. Then Devil lost his daytime job and in the aftermath he became a little withdrawn.  Mouse wanted to help, but Devil begged her to leave him alone. As a good friend she respected his request and put it down to his grief, but kept an eye on him. Normally, Dedes get over set-backs in no time at all and sure enough, it didn’t take long before Devil found a new job. Everyone was excited and confident that once he found his feet in the new job, he will be back to his old self – It never happened!

Yesterday Mouse finally went to Devil and asked, “I hear you have a hard time at work. Philosopher says you get bullied”

Devil, who is very confident and assertive, looked at her for a while. “I am not sure whether you can call it that” he finally said. “Bullying is such a blanket excuse. A lot of people throw it in the ring simply because they don’t get their own way. And that is the end of any discussion, isn’t it.”

“But you have certainly lost your humour” Mouse remarked.

“Ah well, I have to get to the bottom of it somehow” sighed Devil “and that means a lot of hard, honest soul searching”



group image small

Finally, the Artist’s survival book went to the proofreader this week. I will upload the file to CreateSpace and order a copy to see what the print quality is like. Then when it comes back from proofing, I can make the changes and thunderbirds are go! I am so excited about it all. You certainly wonder what took so long. The book was basically finished two or three month ago. Well, life has been a bit of a struggle last year, hence the book. However, having no money wasn’t the main problem. Of course the Dedes live the life of their Artist. Recently they had a full Dede meeting to discuss what project should be next. Pig wanted to embark on a potato cookbook. Mouse wants to make a book on how to set up a garden in a small space and someone else suggested a book on the nutritious value of nuts, called The Artist is going nuts. Everyone was laughing, but Devil. Philosopher who is a good observer said, maybe the home economic books should be put aside for a while and the Dedes should make a book about workplace bullying. Now the room fell silent and no-one quite understood where this was coming from. It was very awkward. Devil’s eyes became watery and he said: “We have to do it, for the sake of everyone out there, who has to deal with it, but I don’t know if I am ready just yet.” Who would have thought that the Devil get’s bullied?

ebrace series.indd

It is common knowledge that Harvey, the rabbit, is not the smartest cookie in the jar and is a womaniser to boot. No need to ask him twice to tango with Foxy Lady. He is well aware he punched above his weight there. Foxy Lady is one of my favourite Dedes. She is a gorgeous thing and I always thought we have a lot in common (not the looks though ;). However, when I reflected on this picture again, I got the feeling she had an agenda of her own and I don’t know what will happen to poor Harvey when he ends up in the fox’s den. She is definitely the stronger of the two and is leading the dance.

ebrace series.indd

That is another one of the series. Little Lou the puppy was constantly harassing Skeleton Edeltraut and back then I was really happy, when I finally got them together in front of the camera. Everybody can understand that Lou wants to be close to Edeltraut, afterall she is just a heap of bones, and I isn’t it brilliant that she seems to have overcome her fear of the playful puppy. Once again after revisiting the images, I have the feeling that poor Edeltraut is suffering from Stockholm Syndrome. Her blank eyes make me suspicious. Doesn’t Lou parades her like a trophy? Edeltraut doesn’t seem at ease at all.

ebrace series.indd

I so want to get back into the swing with the Dedes. I am sitting here trying to write the story that made me come up with the “Embrace Diversity” Series. This is a project I did two years ago for an exhibition and it consists of six images of unexpected Dede puppet pairings. Back then I well and truly believed you can understand everyone if you only tried hard enough and inject a little bit of fun, yeah right! Two years later I have to say, you might be able to understand everyone and their actions, but you still might not be able to solve a thing. There is this German saying: The best can’t live in peace, when his neighbour doesn’t like it. I at least finally understand what that means :).

To tell you the true story now: Unfortunately Rob in this image doesn’t have a chance in hell as Bobby is a high functioning alcoholic. There is no way Rob will ever get out of prison and he might as well give up now! You can virtually see, that Bobby will never trust Rob and will blame him for everything that goes wrong. Bobby just wants to appear as if he is playing by the rules. You never know, someone might be watching.