ebrace series.indd

I so want to get back into the swing with the Dedes. I am sitting here trying to write the story that made me come up with the “Embrace Diversity” Series. This is a project I did two years ago for an exhibition and it consists of six images of unexpected Dede puppet pairings. Back then I well and truly believed you can understand everyone if you only tried hard enough and inject a little bit of fun, yeah right! Two years later I have to say, you might be able to understand everyone and their actions, but you still might not be able to solve a thing. There is this German saying: The best can’t live in peace, when his neighbour doesn’t like it. I at least finally understand what that means :).

To tell you the true story now: Unfortunately Rob in this image doesn’t have a chance in hell as Bobby is a high functioning alcoholic. There is no way Rob will ever get out of prison and he might as well give up now! You can virtually see, that Bobby will never trust Rob and will blame him for everything that goes wrong. Bobby just wants to appear as if he is playing by the rules. You never know, someone might be watching.