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foxy exhausted

Thank God it’s Friday. At least that is what Foxy Lady seems to think. We have to give the little printing press back today. So Foxy Lady was frantic all week, day and night, coming up with promotional material and printing flyers. It is starting to pay off, slowly but surely. However, the poor little thing is totally exhausted now. I am not surprised.

Sidekick, the alien, was very keen helping Foxy Lady in the beginning, but the novelty wore off quickly and he wandered off home. Cath O’Brien has send me this image of her creation. He must have felt pretty smug about his achievements last week.



A friend rang me today and asked whether I had started on Procrastinator yet. No, sorry I am too busy! Lil’Snail will have to do for now.

Yesterday we had another workshop and the saga between Magician and Devil continues. Who has the right to wear the spokesperson badge? Devil is working extremely hard to establish himself in his new job, but Magician doesn’t tire of interferring. At least some of the other Dedes are starting to get so over the feud and are happy to give Devil a hand. But see for yourself…


harvey discussing

I asked Harvey what he enjoyed most at the cafe yesterday. He didn’t have to think long. He said, he loved that he was taken seriously. Everybody at the lunch valued his view point and at no time was he given the feeling he is just a silly puppet who shouldn’t have an opinion. I have to say, he did engage people in serious discussions, more so than he does at home. Mr XL, his sponsor, can be really proud of him. I wonder if it would be beneficial if the Dedes got out more. I have to put this forward to the Dede committee. But first I am looking forward to the workshop this afternoon, where people visit us at our studio to create a new film and we are expecting one very very special guest.

happy to see you

Today was a special day for Harvey. He went out for lunch to meet up with his sponsor Mr XL. In the old days they saw each other every day, as Mr XL had his office right next to ours. But then we moved out of the building and so did Mr XL. I wasn’t aware until recently that Harvey and Mr XL are in frequent phone contact to exchange the latest tips on the horses. Mr XL let it slip when I arranged the meeting, and it finally explains my exorbitant phone bill.  Mr XL is apparently very lucky with the horses. Harvey isn’t. Now I am not quite sure whether Mr XL isn’t forthcoming with the right tips or if Harvey isn’t listening properly, though big enough ears he has!

push push and harvey

It is about time for some real feel-good news. And we finally got some. It was quite funny and very unassuming, but now all the Dedes are celebrating. Here is the story.

Late last night, Push Push the elephant walked up to Harvey and said, “Harvey, you are a sponsored puppet, aren’t you? What do you actually have to do?” Harvey looked at her from top to bottom and back again, and said, “You have to find yourself a sponsor, you silly thing!”

“No, that’s not what I mean” she said. “What do you do when you are a sponsored puppet?” Harvey still didn’t get it, but Mouse jumped in. “Does this mean you’ve got a sponsorship?” she cried. “Yes,” said Push Push and suddenly got emotional with little tears glistening in the corner of her eyes. “Someone is sponsoring me. But I have no idea how I can thank this person!”  Mouse jumped up and down with joy and hugged Push Push over and over again. “Oh, you lucky, lucky Dede! You might get out of here before it all falls to pieces.”

But now Harvey stepped in and pushed Mouse to the side. “Oh no, a sponsorship is not a ticket out! It is quite the contrary. You get a sponsorship so that you stay.” All of a sudden he was the cool dude, the old experienced hand in sponsorships, which is in fact true, as he found his sponsor last year at the exhibition in July. He explained to Push Push that she will have to send Christmas cards and birthday cards to her sponsor and hold her hand up as often as possible to appear in films and on the blog, so that people see her and her value increases. She also might have to go out to lunch with her sponsor from time to time. “I am having a lunch date with my sponsor this Friday. It is not as easy as it sounds. It’s bordering on work” he finished off and folded his arms across his chest, just a tad miffed that he wasn’t so special anymore.

“Oh no, I won’t go out for lunches, my sponsor lives overseas! And I am happy to write Christmas cards and birthday cards. I will write one every month, I am starting right now!”

“Oh dear,” Harvey rolled his eyes. “How on earth did she find a sponsor?”

lost puppets

Out of the blue, Devil showed up. And can you believe it? He had Lizzie and Lil’Sculpture in tow. Phew, what a relief. But at the same time, everybody was very, very angry with Devil as he obviously knew all along where the two missing puppets had been hiding out.

Surprisingly, Sunny played totally cool now and said he knew all along they would not have met with an untimely end as the sturdy polystyrene man will outlast any Dede. But having observed him all week, I believe his change of mind only came after ArtistatExit0 pointed out that Lil’Sculpture’s distant cousin, the plain polystyrene coffee cup, will last for two hundred years. Right!

Everybody else stormed towards Devil and wanted to know what happend. Devil, back in a confident spokesperson mode announced he found himself a new job. From now on he will be the spokesperson of the trash puppets in the neighbourhood. Over the last two weeks the three of them had nutted out what they will to do in future. Life under the regime of Magician was too dangerous for trash puppets, so they had to set up their own union and run their own workshops. They have invited a very special guest to their next workshop and it will be on Saturday the 22 Feb in the studio…

“Hang on,” Magician interrupet at this point. “The Dedes have a workshop on the 22nd, the studio space is taken!”

“No it is not” Devil replied calmly and produced a booking sheet from under his robe “Here, see for yourself, we have made a booking for the space, where is your’s?”

At this point Mouse turned fire-engine red and said under her breath “I wondered where the booking sheet had got to.”

magician dede live

While most of the Dedes are still looking for Lil’ Sculpture and Lizzie, Magician doesn’t have much time to be sentimental and is pushing on with the jobs at hand.  Devil started all these projects over the last year, but never really finished – like the website for the dede workshops. I found Magician sitting at the computer burning the midnight oil last night. When I asked him what he was doing, to my suprise he answered, “I’ll let you in on a secret, there is actually no such thing as magic. Things only happen by sheer hard work.”

I looked at him in disbelieve and he obviously had seen this kind of look before. “Well, yes, my parents should have called me Determination, but they thought that would make my life more difficult!”

“And what about the funny hat?” I asked.

“That is another secret… You always have to look the part!”

Then he turned back to the computer and proudly announced: “Here, that is what we need, a website to promote the workshops.”

I have to admit, I was impressed, particularly since he has only been in the job for how long? Three weeks? Though on closer scrutiny, I had the feeling that Devil had done most of the work and it only needed a bit of tweaking to finish it off. At least Devil is still the poster boy. Magician had made no effort to start from scratch and come up with a new strategy. If you are interested, here is the link to

poster copy

Sunny took the advice of our reader Arlo and created posters with the images of the two missing puppets to hang up on the lamp posts in the neighbourhood. This one is right opposite our house and all the Dedes can easily see it from the studio window. So far we have not seen anyone taking notice, apart from a few dogs sniffing around before they did what dogs do. And certainly nobody has come forward to shed any light on the disappearance. Mabybe Sunny should have used a ladder?

sunny looking for lil

It so happens that the first anniversary of the day when Sunny created Lil’ Sculpture is approaching. You might remember it was last year on Waitangi Day when Sunny, the wannabe artist, all of a sudden got frantically busy and came up with a cute little figure. I was very miffed with him, as he actually didn’t come up with the concept but just copied the work of Artistatexit0. If you can’t remember, here is the story. Anyway, Sunny isn’t the most reliable Dede. He is so involved in his own little world, trying to create his 15 minutes of fame, that he usually forgets about anybody else and doesn’t keep in touch. Funnily enough, when he realised that it is Waitangi Day this week, he all of a sudden remembered that Lil’ Sculpture almost made him famous and he wanted to go and look his little mate up and reminice about the good old times (They weren’t actually that good… but I won’t enlighten him about this).

He got a big surprise when he arrived at the bookshelf, where Lil’ Sculpture has been residing like forever, to find the little man was nowhere to be seen. Worse, there was no-one else around, no neighbours, that Sunny could ask about the whereabouts of his creation. He tried to keep a brave face, but I could see that he was very distressed about the disappearance of his artwork.