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devil peanut

I was right! Devil didn’t last very long on his new diet. Yesterday afternoon I heard something rustling in the corner of the living room. When I investigated I found Devil sitting there facing the wall trying to open a little packet. I asked him what he was doing and he looked at me very guiltily. Then I saw he was trying to open a chocolate bar. He said he deserved it because their Dede Instagram following has reached triple figures. I have no idea what this has to do with him. I guess he was just looking for an excuse.

The Dedes are indeed very proud of their achievement and to celebrate the event they have made a 4 second film. The film is only available on instagram

devil bloodpressure

Devil is the oldest Dede. As I metioned before, he used to be the spokesperson for the puppets but lost his job some time ago. Back then, the Dede management decided to restructure. In Devil‘s mind it was simply a move to get rid of him and to this day he still believes it was based on ageism. He heard a rumour that his approach was a bit too old-fashioned because he favours a slow and steady approach. In the restructuring process he was promoted to breakfast director and young Top Dog took over the marketing department. Top Dog knows everything and can do everything (he is a great self promoter). Have you ever seen Top Dog around? No? That is exactly my point. He is too busy convincing management what a brilliant job he does on social media. But look more closely and you’ll find no evidence whatsoever that he’s done anything.

In the beginning Devil thought the Dedes would quickly figure out what a wind bag the new one is. The Dedes are not stupid. But the longer it takes the more agitated he becomes. Absolutely no-one seems to see through the ruse. Have you ever been in such a situation? You know exactly what’s best, but management just wont listen? It’s been going on far too long and the situation is starting to take its toll. Devil has developed seriously high blood pressure and has to measure it every time he enters the meeting room. Maybe he needs to accept there is no way back and start to move forwards.


Devil is depressed again. Each time the Dedes finish a project – even a small one – he has to take a couple of days off to question what the troupe is doing. Recently, the Dedes have started on Instagram and while Devil is overjoyed, the silly Dedes are not alone. He also developed an anxiety. Looking around Instagram Devil realised the Dedes are up against an entire army of traveling fluffy toys. It seems to be very fashionable to take an inanimate companion on a journey (I wonder if it has something to do with the film Amélie).  Anyway, he is convinced I should go traveling, take him with me, and leave all the other ones behind. Needless to say, this idea didn’t fly with the rest of the Dedes.

devil thinking

It was such a great evening yesterday. Really, it was wonderful to see the Dedes  having fun together again. We have come such a long way, haven’t we?  Mouse reminded us that our first anniversary of blogging is coming up soon. I had forgotten when we started, as for me it is such a normal part of my daily routine now. So I had to check whether Mouse is correct and indeed, I published my first post ever on the 27th of Feb last year. So it is ten days to go before the first year ends. Anniversaries are such wonderful occasions to stop and reflect about what you are doing, aren’t they?

When the puppets were still asleep this morning, I indulged in re-reading some of the stuff. I can truly say, the whole blogging process is a very interesting experience. The blog has changed considerably throughout the year . In the beginning I wrote much more about the background and processes around the puppets, rather than what the puppets are experiencing in their daily life. It started off with the publishing process of  the puppet book “Hermit’s Web”, then I had a period where I posted my other artwork, before I finally settled into the continuing puppet story.

The Dedes said last night they really would love to celebrate the anniversary in style. They want to have another competition of some sort. I agreed but put the ball back in their court. They can’t expect me to have all the ideas, so I left it to them to come up with a feasible concept. But I will be happy to donate a set of postcards as a prize again.

Nobody was forthcoming with any ideas yesterday. Devil thought hard for a while and finally said maybe our readers have a wish or idea? The Dedes would be delighted to hear your suggestions for how we should celebrate this remarkable milestone!

The past week we had the most beautiful spring weather and I had promised to take Devil down to the boat ramp today, to catch a little sun and talk our puppet workshop through. For us humans it’s a little trip, just across the road and down a tiny lane and we are there. But for Devil it is a huge event.

Would you believe it? Every day this week I woke up to the sound of singing Tuis. Sadly, today it was the sound of pounding rain. First I thought Devil had his hand in it, but when I spotted him kneeling on the sofa gazing into the grey yonder I changed my mind. He is truly upset. He was all dressed for the outing. (As you might know, the Dedes have only five dresses and he had booked one of them as soon as I had told him my plans).

I had a hard time consoling him. As we say in German “Aufgeschoben ist nicht aufgehoben”. It means the trip is only postponed, not cancelled.

I do have an ulterior motive for the outing. I have to talk to him about how I should go about running the workshop. How shall I start the session? I am not sure if I should introduce the puppets by their name and character (as on the character page) or whether the participants of the workshop should come up with names and traits for the puppets they adopt for the session. What do you think?