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Mouse, the busy body of the Dedes, piled up lemons in the kitchen. “We have been quiet for too long” she muttered. “It is no good that we have been paralysed by politics. The world at large is in a grim state, but we are still alive and personally I think the only remedy is a new worthwhile project.”

To recap what happened in the last year: The Dedes moved to the countryside and into an old dilapidated house that needs a lot of attention. They are as happy as Larry in their new little environment. Around the house they have an acre with some fruit trees and three acres they lease out to the next door neighbour to graze his cattle in return for half a beast for the freezer. The first year they were busy establishing a vege garden and planting a banana grove and simply watch what ripens when. Thrifty as they are they don’t want to spend any money and they are learning a lot about how to make use of everything. Long gone are the days of only flour and water that led to the “Artist’s Survival Cookbook” project. They still make their own bread on a daily basis, but graduated from industrial yeast to sourdough.

As the Dedes are nobodies, who would be interested in their happy life? No-one, they simply assumed. However the other day someone asked what they are doing with the bones of their beast. “Broth” Mouse said, thinking that everyone makes broth anyway. “No, no” explained the person. “I make broth as well, but I envisaged you hand-grinding down the used bones to make bone meal for the garden or something!”

“Ah, right” said Mouse, “They contain a tremendous amount of phosphate you don’t want to waste. Here is what I do: First I make broth. Once this is done, I put the bones into the chicken pen for the chooks to clean up. When they are picked clean, I dry them and then I chuck them into the fireplace. In the end the go out with the ashes into the garden.”

“Do bones burn?”

“Well,” explained Mouse “the word bonfire comes from ‘bone fire’. They might not burn to ashes, but the become very brittle and are easy to break down. Your garden will love you for it.”

That night Mouse went home and discussed with Devil that, maybe they still have some tidbits to tell. Devil said, “yeah, you are right, it is definitely better than sitting around and moping about the rise of Top Dogs.”


“Help!” shouted Deutsch Fraulein, who wanted to follow the advice of @francisvalela . He suggested that making Christmas cookies is neither difficult, no expensive. So, she grabbed the ‘Artist’s Survival Cookbook‘ and wanted to make short bread today. “Here are all the ingredients but what do I do now?”

Mouse came to her aid. “Your book is upside down for starters” she said “and I suggest you add a teaspoon of cinnamon to the recipe.”


“It tastes nicer and it’s supposed to reduce blood sugar levels.”



“It really annoys me that you Dedes seem to think life is just a big fat joke” said Monkey, as miserable as ever. “Truth be told, we will need to earn a living soon or we all have to go back into the big recycling bin where we came from.” Then he held up the book the Dedes created last year. If you want to support the Dedes, it is available from or

“If you just wouldn’t look so miserable, Monkey, you really put the punters off,” said Milky Bar Devil, the coverboy.



Benevolent King does not like injustice. He had the strong inkling that something wasn’t right and decided to invervene “So tell me, my friend, what has Alley Cat done?” he asked.

“I don’t know,” answered the policeman truthfully. “I am an executive force. I just obey orders!” Before the king could ask who gave the orders, Bobby continued. “But I can tell you Alley Cat is a roamer, she is a gypsy. I am sure she is guilty. I didn’t catch an innocent one!”

Benevolent King swayed his head “yes, well, you have to believe that, otherwise you would get a serious professional crisis. But for me it is not good enough.”

devil day

It seems to be the day of the devils. At first light, lil’Devil, the the Super Dede Competition cheerleader, was dancing around the house like there is no tomorrow. We were all wondering if the competition had finished early or what. Turns out it was the regram contest that had finished. Last week in the post working hard on it the management team decided to make lil’Devil the cheerleader for the Super Dede Competition. While he was chuffed about the honor he soon found out that he would have to leave home if someone reposted the picture. For a week he was holding his breath, a hard thing to do for any devil. His job performance wasn’t that great either. You can barely see him in the pictures of the competition holding up the signs with the names of the contestants. Anyway, the offer is off the table now and no one took it up. That means the lil’Devil can stay with us. And while he will be a bit upset with the management team for some time, he will survive and happily do his job for the rest of the competition.

devil day-2

Today’s contestant is also a devil, Milky Bar Devil. He skulked on stage and didn’t know what to say.  In the end the MC prompted him. “You said in your statement that you want to be in the competition to learn about how to become ruthless. Isn’t that a strange thing to say?” Milky Bar Devil looked surprised. “You of all Dedes should know what is expected of a devil, but it simply doesn’t come naturally to me.” Then he told the audience that he is studying hard and reads all the books. But when he applies all the devilish things he learned in theory, everybody just laughs at him. “I am such a useless devil! I will never fulfill the expectations of my parents. I will never be a success in their eyes.”

“Mhm” said Devil, “not sure if this competition is the right therapy for you.”

punch drunk

Happy Easter everyone. I love Easter: four days of peace and quiet, the weather is still warm, the homely sound of the lawn mowers in the neighbourhood. It is not unlike the Northern Hemisphere, unfortunately we are now heading into the colder period.

Anyway, I have to give you a run-down what happened in the Dede world since my last post. So Evan G List said to Milky Bar Devil he should read up on morals, values and beliefs to understand what a devil is. Punch Drunk (picture above) thought it was hilarious that Evan G List wanted to teach a devil morals. But Milky Bar Devil is an eager and conscientious student and he grabbed all the books he could find on the bookshelf. We are pretty sure we won’t see him for a while, we all know how difficult it is to read a philosophical text :)

Here a little gallery of what else happened


devil elephant diet

Yesterday  Push Push decided her and Devil should go on a diet. It’s so much more fun together and they might have a better chance sticking to it when they support each other. She even volunteered to prepare all the food for both of them. The only thing Devil can cook is chilli-hot beans in flat bread. (The recipe for the flat bread is in the Artist’s Survival Cookbook, the beans he still keeps a secret!). Anyway, Push Push knows that Devil favours red food. So she prepared a nice salad, which is typical for her as she is vegetarian. Devil sniffed at the offering and asked “where is the meat?” Of course the redder the better. Hmmm, Push Push’s plan might be doomed.


Drum roll for the new film. I have to admit, the Dedes are much better cooks than singers :) . This time they made flatbread, the recipe from the Artist’s Survival Cookbook on page 22. You can fill the bread with grated vegetables and cheese. Yummmmyyy.

For this film Devil wanted to be the director because it is his recipe in the book. He finally let me know what his gripe is with the rest of the Dedes. He finds them far too unprofessional and in his mind they have to seriously up their game. For this reason Mouse didn’t show him the final version before she uploaded it to Youtube. She wanted to avoid the scathing remarks he will no doubt air as soon as he sees the film. That would have been too much for her yesterday.

10 directors.

…my true love brought to me Ten actors filming, nine chums relaxing, eight puppets groaning, seven Dedes drinking, six punters paying, five golden things, four thrown-off frocks, three strange friends, two purple gloves and a chicken in a dead tree.

Well well well, I am so glad they are back to work, however, it wasn’t really ten actors filming it was more like ten directors directing. Or as it was a film about one of the recipes from the Artist’s Survival Cookbook just think about the old saying about too many cooks…. Very quickly a fight started over  who is allowed to wear the apron or sit in the director’s chair. In the end seven of them were moping and the film was made by only 3. But as I said, I am happy that they tackled a new project. We will have to wait and see how the film turned out.

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crumpets and chamber maid

Sometimes I have the feeling the Dedes are the only ones that use their cookbook. But then I got this really lovely email yesterday about the launch event

Thanks for iniviting me to the launch of the Artist’s Survival Cookbook. It was a fantastic idea to have guests try making the recipes and my 8yr old son had a ball. Being of Italian descent it was great to have my son making and then eating his own pasta. The experience was so successful that I understand Santa is bringing him a pasta maker this year.

So we have at least one young convert. I would say that was a mission accomplished :)