10 directors.

…my true love brought to me Ten actors filming, nine chums relaxing, eight puppets groaning, seven Dedes drinking, six punters paying, five golden things, four thrown-off frocks, three strange friends, two purple gloves and a chicken in a dead tree.

Well well well, I am so glad they are back to work, however, it wasn’t really ten actors filming it was more like ten directors directing. Or as it was a film about one of the recipes from the Artist’s Survival Cookbook just think about the old saying about too many cooks…. Very quickly a fight started over  who is allowed to wear the apron or sit in the director’s chair. In the end seven of them were moping and the film was made by only 3. But as I said, I am happy that they tackled a new project. We will have to wait and see how the film turned out.

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