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Last week my sister-in-law, Kelly, organised a fundraiser to help her finance her PhD studies. As a poet she invited her artist friends to interpret one of her poem visually. It was a fantastic evening, very well organised and I believe also very successful.

My contribution was of course a stop-motion film depicting her poem “Get more reads on your poetry”. I think it is very selfexplanatory :)

more exercise

It is the end of the week. Hurrah! Next week I am back to part-time work, finally. I am so looking forward to continuing on the Artist’s Survival Cookbook. For now I am still watching Millie doing her air acrobatics.


Millie is surprisingly agile and she uses her rope to do acrobatics. I really like how content she looks.


While she was recuperating Millie sat mostly on her rafter and observed what was going on below her in the classroom. There is still a little wound visible on her tummy. She is wearing her leash as a safety harness so she won’t fall off.


Tony had a concerned comment yesterday, that Millie looked quite depressed. I can assure you she is definitely on the mend. Her life in the class room started around six month ago, when my students had the brief to develop a magazine ad series for raw milk. One of the students just couldn’t find an angle into it and so I brought the cow along to illustrate some options. I had found her at the salvation army store the same day. When I came back the next day, the poor little thing was lying neglected on the floor. I just picked her up and hung her in the rafters to symbolise another idea had died. To make sure the message was received, I also stuck a chopstick through her body (and before anybody gets up in arms: It doesn’t go right through. it is attached with blue tack). I do love my job and my students :). The students of course decided the cow has to live!


This week I am working full-time again and have heaps of menial stuff to do as well. The Dedes are waiting and waiting and waiting patiently in the art cupboard until I find the time to attend to them again. I am a little distressed as my creativity is at an all time low. I had to come up with a quick solution to breath some life into my blog. Then I spotted Millie. Millie is a toy cow I donated to my students a while back and ever since she is having a life of her own in the rafters of the class room. The picture shows her how she was chilling over the weekend. She will be the star of my blog this week, sorry Dedes!