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“I knew it, I knew it, you wrinkly old bat,” screamed Bossman, “you and your goody-two shoes half-wit friends are against business. We are not supposed to make profit.”

“I beg to differ,” said Witch calmly. “If you’d listened carefully I said ‘I can’t understand that some put profit above’…”

“That is f@$&ing splitting hairs. Go back to your cauldron where you belong!”

Witch turned away and mumbled “this is another thing I don’t get my head around: why do some believe that by screaming personal insults they will be taken seriously. Can anybody enlighten me, please?”



Foxy Lady hung her head and mumbled “you can’t reason with Top Dog.”

“We all know that,” said Benevolent King, “he just makes up stories as he pleases. It is easiest just to ignore.”

“I couldn’t do it any longer. With his verbal diarrhoea he pushed me until I had to push back” she confessed now. “It was the final straw and I am not proud of it. Hence my disappearance.”


When Foxy Lady got up she realised the figures were only dwarfs. “Are you good or evil” she asked the one that looked like the eldest.

“If you believe in us, we are good” said the stone man “and if you don’t believe, we use our discretion.”

Foxy had so many more questions and continued. “What are you doing here?” she asked.

“We are curing here for a month.”

“And then?”

“We will find a new home.”

“Can I come with you?”

“Hold your horses lady, we don’t even know you. Are you good or evil?” the elder replied.

“Of course I am good!” said Foxy Lady indignantly.


“No, you are not!” called Benevolent King who finally caught up, “you tried to push Top Dog of the shelf.”

“And you reckon that was a good deed, do you?” the stone man wanted to know.


After Foxy Lady was positively identified amongst the Lil’Dedes at the computer, she realised, it was time to move on again. Unfortunately, the Dedes don’t have much stamina and she soon collapsed exhausted in the wet area of the studio. The Dedes are not water tight and so she was sure, nobody would come looking for her here. Unfortunately, when she opened her eyes this morning she realised she was lying at the feet of the stone men, the artist’s latest creations. Some grim looking characters, oh oh.


Can you believe it? Look at the snout on the right hand side. Does this look familiar? What’s happening?
There has been tremendous activity in the Lil’Dede household lately. The smaller finger puppet cousins of the Dedes set up shop on a website for New Zealand crafted goods. They have been tossing up between etsy and and in the end the went for local. Anyone in the world can buy here though. And look who is helping them! If I get my hands on this Lady she will have to answer a few questions. In the meantime… the shop is called




It looks like the Dede followers are divided. Some want to solve the mystery and want to know what happened to Foxy Lady and others trust she is okay and knows what she is doing. @meinsteingut sent the picture of this old fox, who looks so very surprised, indeed. “Leave the girl alone” he said “we foxes have the reputation for being cunning and sly for a reason.” Then he continued to collect chestnuts for winter.


My friend @fossickandforage found this character when she was fossicking about. Of course she had to ask whether he was hiding Foxy Lady under his blanket. He admitted he had gone to the bike shed that night, as he really wanted to check her out. Sadly Foxy Lady never showed up. I guess that is whay he looks so sad.


Of course Top Dog had to say something about the deal. He doesn’t particularly like the owl, as his charm doesn’t work on her. “Can we call you Indian Gift from now on?” he asked and added with a big smirk “I knew the artist can’t be trusted!”

“Oh, shut up you disingenuous old thing. It was all done amicably” replied Pinkpok obviously angry that he tried to spoil her joy.

“Oh, how I wish they had let you go!” said Top Dog and wandered off.



Our friend wizened_gnome sent us a quote by Oscar Wilde yesterday. “Selfishness is not living as one wishes to live, it is asking others to live as one wishes to live….Selfishness always aims at creating around it an absolute uniformity of type. Unselfishness recognizes infinite variety of type as a delightful thing, accepts it, acquiesces in it, enjoys it. It is not selfish to think for oneself.”

Cat licked that one up like a bowl of milk. “Ha!” she said, “I love this quote. It proves, it’s not us cats who are the selfish ones. We don’t give a toss what others do. The baddies are always the dogs!”

Oh dear, it didn’t take long and we received a complaint.  Cat has totally misinterpreted this quote, I was told, moreover, she is an arrogant piece of work. Mhm. I guess, as quotes are always cited out of context, they are open to misinterpretation too.


Mouse is wondering what happened to the happy-go-lucky Dedes?

“I don’t like where we are heading,” she mumbled and looked in the box of half-finished heads. “I have to tell the artist we need some amicable Dedes.”


Yesterday was Truth Tuesday again and Mouse started packing her bags.  Truth is, the Dedes are on the move. They will be moving from the big smoke to the countryside. This is a major undertaking. The Dedes came into existence because of changes to the current abode and now they are partially responsible for leaving it behind. It is simply because I want to have a bigger studio space. More space for more puppets and more puppet making workshops. So please, if their reporting gets a bit erratic over the next two months be lenient and don’t give up on them.


Today Top Dog snaked up to Devil. It looks like his popularity is waning and he tries to drum up more followers. He said: “I could do very well with a devil like you on my team!” But Devil doesn’t want to have a bar of it  “No way” was the short and definitive reply.

“Not even if I gave you my soul?” Top Dog believes that this is an offer no real devil can refuse. “What soul? You don’t have a soul!”


Devil was deeply insulted by Top Dog’s offer. “What does he think? Does he really believe I am as mean-spirited as him?” he asked Pinkpok, the wise owl.

“Of course no-one thinks of themselves as being nasty, not even Top Dog, ” the owl replied “I know, you are well-meaning, but you often tick the Dedes off because you blatantly call a spade a spade. Sometimes it would help to present the spade nicely wrapped.”