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selfie with cow

Hurray, throughout January we have managed to put up a post a day. We want to celebrate this with a special event. For the next week we’ll  run an AUA (ask us anything). But before you wonder what our secret could be, we’ll tell you our best kept one. Remember when the puppets were looking for their doppelgänger earlier in the month? It took Cash Cow a little longer than the others to find her one, but she finally spotted her. You have to look at the eyes :0.

So if you want to know anything about the puppets, post your question in a comment and we will answer as truthfully as possible.

laundry day

Today is laundry day. Boy escaped the washing machine only by the skin of his teeth, he was virtually indistinguishable from his smelly sheets.

devil peanut

I was right! Devil didn’t last very long on his new diet. Yesterday afternoon I heard something rustling in the corner of the living room. When I investigated I found Devil sitting there facing the wall trying to open a little packet. I asked him what he was doing and he looked at me very guiltily. Then I saw he was trying to open a chocolate bar. He said he deserved it because their Dede Instagram following has reached triple figures. I have no idea what this has to do with him. I guess he was just looking for an excuse.

The Dedes are indeed very proud of their achievement and to celebrate the event they have made a 4 second film. The film is only available on instagram

devil elephant diet

Yesterday  Push Push decided her and Devil should go on a diet. It’s so much more fun together and they might have a better chance sticking to it when they support each other. She even volunteered to prepare all the food for both of them. The only thing Devil can cook is chilli-hot beans in flat bread. (The recipe for the flat bread is in the Artist’s Survival Cookbook, the beans he still keeps a secret!). Anyway, Push Push knows that Devil favours red food. So she prepared a nice salad, which is typical for her as she is vegetarian. Devil sniffed at the offering and asked “where is the meat?” Of course the redder the better. Hmmm, Push Push’s plan might be doomed.

elephant scales

Everyone is talking about Devil’s high blood pressure at the moment. Push Push advised Devil that too much weight might cause hypertension and maybe he should go on a fast for a while. She is not too worried about her own weight as she practises her ballet dancing every Wednesday and hardly eats any sugary stuff. Of course she checks her weight regularly. Regularly, once a month that is. She got a big shock this morning when she  hopped on the scales. Obviously the Christmas crapulence has had an effect. Looks like it will be a diet for Push Push too.

devil candle combo

Yes, the Monday morning meeting was pretty stressful again. Devil finally realised he urgently has to do something about his high blood pressure. (Do you think his face is a tad redder today or is this just my imagination?). Someone suggested he should try meditation, it is hyper tension after all. As he is keen to give anything a go, he immediately dug out some candles and had a lie down. Watching him, I could tell his thoughts were all over the show. He will have to stick with it for a while and learn how to do it properly before it makes a difference.

devil bloodpressure

Devil is the oldest Dede. As I metioned before, he used to be the spokesperson for the puppets but lost his job some time ago. Back then, the Dede management decided to restructure. In Devil‘s mind it was simply a move to get rid of him and to this day he still believes it was based on ageism. He heard a rumour that his approach was a bit too old-fashioned because he favours a slow and steady approach. In the restructuring process he was promoted to breakfast director and young Top Dog took over the marketing department. Top Dog knows everything and can do everything (he is a great self promoter). Have you ever seen Top Dog around? No? That is exactly my point. He is too busy convincing management what a brilliant job he does on social media. But look more closely and you’ll find no evidence whatsoever that he’s done anything.

In the beginning Devil thought the Dedes would quickly figure out what a wind bag the new one is. The Dedes are not stupid. But the longer it takes the more agitated he becomes. Absolutely no-one seems to see through the ruse. Have you ever been in such a situation? You know exactly what’s best, but management just wont listen? It’s been going on far too long and the situation is starting to take its toll. Devil has developed seriously high blood pressure and has to measure it every time he enters the meeting room. Maybe he needs to accept there is no way back and start to move forwards.

feet up

Today is Sunday and even the little kitchen slave who has to make copious cups of coffee every day, has a day off and can have a rest. She found herself a nice little corner on the roof (where the servants hang out) and put her feet up high on a cushion. It prevents varicose veins she tells me, but unfortunately putting her feet up is a luxury for her. I looked at her well formed little legs and commented on how tanned they are. “Ah” she shook her head “that’s all fake.”

king of the castle

Today I am taking it easy, enjoy a nice cuppa with King and catch up on reading. Happy Saturday to everyone!

body return

Mole can’t cope with being wanted by all the Dedes for stealing their bodies. Of course there is a very simple explanation, but it is a slightly longer story. Please care to listen to his side of the incident.

Let me recap the story: the Dedes had a day off and, messy as they are, left their bodies scattered around the studio. Lil’Dede Mole happened to pass by and virtually tripped over the abandoned property. He honestly thought he hit the jack pot when he saw these robes with extra large hands. They are just perfect for his work, you know, he has to dig in the dirt all day. He was just putting his found treasures neatly in a pile when Foxy Lady appeared out of nowehere and started to talk to him Mole got such a big fright, that he took off with the floatsam as fast as he could. After all, foxes are his natural enemies. They eat moles when they spot them. Can anybody blame him for his behaviour?

When Mole discovered the “Wanted” poster, he finally figured out the clothes weren’t without owners and asked Bad Conscience to take them back. Mole is dyslexic too, so to show his deep regret he added his heart to the parcel.

What do you think of Mole now?