devil bloodpressure

Devil is the oldest Dede. As I metioned before, he used to be the spokesperson for the puppets but lost his job some time ago. Back then, the Dede management decided to restructure. In Devil‘s mind it was simply a move to get rid of him and to this day he still believes it was based on ageism. He heard a rumour that his approach was a bit too old-fashioned because he favours a slow and steady approach. In the restructuring process he was promoted to breakfast director and young Top Dog took over the marketing department. Top Dog knows everything and can do everything (he is a great self promoter). Have you ever seen Top Dog around? No? That is exactly my point. He is too busy convincing management what a brilliant job he does on social media. But look more closely and you’ll find no evidence whatsoever that he’s done anything.

In the beginning Devil thought the Dedes would quickly figure out what a wind bag the new one is. The Dedes are not stupid. But the longer it takes the more agitated he becomes. Absolutely no-one seems to see through the ruse. Have you ever been in such a situation? You know exactly what’s best, but management just wont listen? It’s been going on far too long and the situation is starting to take its toll. Devil has developed seriously high blood pressure and has to measure it every time he enters the meeting room. Maybe he needs to accept there is no way back and start to move forwards.