Come as stranger, leave as friend

This blog is dedicated to the Dede puppets, a bunch of distinctive art puppets that burst into my life around Christmas 2011 and made themselves very comfortable.  I am simply telling the stories of our  life together. We really appreciate comments and we even might incorporate those into our stories. Though I have to apologise when the reporting becomes erratic at times. It is simply me (one) vs them (64 at the last count) :).

I can assure you the characters are not based on anyone in particular. None of my friends have to be worried and Larry, you don’t have to read the Hermit’s Web book another umpteen times! You are not in it…

In real life the puppets also run workshops to create Flash Dramas  which I might put up on youtube. We are based in Auckland, New Zeland and you will find more info about the workshops on my website

artist survival cookbook coverFor all those who want to support the Dede puppets, you can buy the Artist’s survival cookbook. A book full of recipes made from flour and water. It is ideal for anyone who wants to avoid artificial flavours or preservatives in their staples (or are on a tight budget). Presented in a light-hearted manner by the one and only Dede puppets. It is not specifically written for kids, but all recipes are simple and can be easily followed by children or even better, prepared together. 114 full colour pages. Buy it on CreateSpace or Amazon. Not sure? download a sample pdf from Createspace.

SuperDedeCompetition_CoverThe first Dede puppet ebook The Super Dede Competition is now available on Smashwords. The extraordinary talent show was performed on this very blog with the input of the blog readers. The readers selected five puppets to become contestants and subsequently voted who performed best and would be crowned the Super Dede. Now, Larry, you will find yourself this book. Thanks for the great contributuion Mr XL. :).

monkey cupLast but not least, you can buy Dede puppet paraphanelia on the Dede design zazzle store. If there is any Dede picture from the blog or Intagram you want to have printed on a zazzle item, email me and I am happy to oblige.


If you want to be updated daily, follow us on Instagram. We also have a facebook page, but we struggle with that one :).

PS: If you want to find out how it all started, read And so the story goes…