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Yes, I left civilisation and it looked like I never came back. But I can set your mind at rest. I have returned and the Dedes have been posting on Instagram every day. Fittingly, having had Valentine’s Day this month, they are discussing the various notions of love. :) It started with Minor, Detail‘s teenage daughter, looking for true love. Today Skeleton Edeltraut complains about an admirer who doesn’t respect her boundaries. Below I have put together a catch-up picture gallery. If you have any forms of love to add, please feel free to make a comment.

I have to apologise for my longer blog posts that have fallen by the wayside again. I am trying to make a major decision.  I am investigating the feasibility of  leaving  ‘honest  work’ and the big smoke behind and moving to the country side, engaging in art (not just the puppets), full-time and for good.


I could curse the secret admirer who left a single rose on our doorstep this morning. No card, just a single golden rose! While I assume he had the best intentions, he obviously isn’t familiar with the dynamics of the Dede household.

In a flash all the girls were out there haggling over who’s rose it is. Everyone was so sure she was the intended recipient. I know who could have given it to Skeleton, or Esta Blished, or Minor, though I had no idea Socialite and Mouse had admirers too.

Esta tried to grab the rose as only her lover, Devil’s Advocate would have so much spare cash to buy such an precious gift. Socialite immediately had a screaming fit. She said Esta wouldn’t have a clue about how well-off her admirers were and she had many, so the chances were the rose was for her. Minor on the other hand knew that Rob doesn’t need any money, he would just organise a lovely gift one way or another if he wanted her to have one. And she was sure this was the case. Skeleton didn’t lay any claim on the rose, but was sure it was from Lou, her love-sick stalker. She wished so much he’d stop doing this to her. And Mouse was confident that, as everybody loves her anyway, surely there must be one Dede out there who would think she is the special one.

I watched them for a while and wondered, what made them all so sure it wasn’t intended for me?

love sick lou-1

With the new crammed living conditions, Lou’s heartache flared up again. He is head over heels in love with Skeleton and doesn’t know what to do. Skeleton on the other hand finds his attention extremely scary and doesn’t want to have anything to do with him. She is in a steady relationship with Monster and has no intention of leaving him. Young Lou is quite depressed about it all and lies around a lot, doing nothing but staring into space.

This of course affects all the Dedes in a way and everybody has an opinion. I had to think long and hard about how to deal with it, and finally made up my mind last night: I am going to write a follow-up book to ‘Hermit’s Web’ in which Lou’s sufferings of unrequited love are recounted. A book just gives me that much more space to characterise everybody involved in more detail. I am really excited about sitting down and writing a longer story again and of course taking all the pictures to go with it. And don’t worry, the reports of daily life will continue on the blog.

When I told Lou about my plans, he just shrugged his shoulders and said: “Who cares, she still won’t love me”, but I thought I could detect a slight smile around the corner of his mouth. I think he might be just a smidgen pleased that somebody finally takes his pain seriously, even though he would never admit it.