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push push and harvey

It is about time for some real feel-good news. And we finally got some. It was quite funny and very unassuming, but now all the Dedes are celebrating. Here is the story.

Late last night, Push Push the elephant walked up to Harvey and said, “Harvey, you are a sponsored puppet, aren’t you? What do you actually have to do?” Harvey looked at her from top to bottom and back again, and said, “You have to find yourself a sponsor, you silly thing!”

“No, that’s not what I mean” she said. “What do you do when you are a sponsored puppet?” Harvey still didn’t get it, but Mouse jumped in. “Does this mean you’ve got a sponsorship?” she cried. “Yes,” said Push Push and suddenly got emotional with little tears glistening in the corner of her eyes. “Someone is sponsoring me. But I have no idea how I can thank this person!”  Mouse jumped up and down with joy and hugged Push Push over and over again. “Oh, you lucky, lucky Dede! You might get out of here before it all falls to pieces.”

But now Harvey stepped in and pushed Mouse to the side. “Oh no, a sponsorship is not a ticket out! It is quite the contrary. You get a sponsorship so that you stay.” All of a sudden he was the cool dude, the old experienced hand in sponsorships, which is in fact true, as he found his sponsor last year at the exhibition in July. He explained to Push Push that she will have to send Christmas cards and birthday cards to her sponsor and hold her hand up as often as possible to appear in films and on the blog, so that people see her and her value increases. She also might have to go out to lunch with her sponsor from time to time. “I am having a lunch date with my sponsor this Friday. It is not as easy as it sounds. It’s bordering on work” he finished off and folded his arms across his chest, just a tad miffed that he wasn’t so special anymore.

“Oh no, I won’t go out for lunches, my sponsor lives overseas! And I am happy to write Christmas cards and birthday cards. I will write one every month, I am starting right now!”

“Oh dear,” Harvey rolled his eyes. “How on earth did she find a sponsor?”


First things first, you are certainly all sitting on the edge of your chairs wanting to find out who will compete in the ‘Super Dede 2012’ competition.

Drum roll! Here are our finalists:

Pig and L’Artiste Dede scraped in with 12% of votes each, Cash Cow collected 15%, Mouse 17% and yes, Harvey gathered a whopping 23%. Who would have thought…. Certainly not me!

After the poll had closed, Devil, Detail and I discussed what had happened in the last week. Maybe due to the time of night – voting finished at midnight – we reached an agreement relatively quickly. We decided not to disqualify Harvey. The consensus was, if he is cunning enough to rope in a canvasser, good on him! Detail actually pinned the whole darn situation on me. She said, if I had kept my mouth shut and not talked to Mr XL about the election, the whole kerfuffle would have never happened. I basically gave Harvey a foothold. All he needed to do, was walk up to Mr XL right after I had left, play his heartstrings and ask him for help. I really should have known better….

“But, but…” I said.

Devil looked at me, shook his head and threw his arms in the air. “It doesn’t matter now… What happened, happened. And Harvey hasn’t won the competition yet. So far he has only managed to secure himself a place in the finals. Now he has to convince the audience with his performance and this will be far more difficult.

What’s next?

Detail explained how we will proceed. First, the finalists will give us a speech about themselves. Then they have to answer three questions and finally they will entertain us with their specific skills. After a lot of consultation Devil and Detail decided to allocate one post for each candidate and task.

Now it was my turn to roll my eyes. “This will take us up to Christmas!” I exclaimed.

“Yes, correct” Devil replied “but five candidates in one post would be far too much for anybody. No-one can take in that much information! The other Dedes want to have a chance to give their feedback too”

“It’s also easier for the ratings!” Detail explained the practicalities “each post has a star rating system attached, so that the readers can rate the individual performances.”

“We really would like the questions in the second week to come from our readers and in general it would be great if the audience participated” Devil said “but we need some sort of incentive…” All of a sudden they both turned to me.

“What?” I said. I had the feeling I was missing something.

“Couldn’t you be the sponsor of the competition?” Devil asked and Detail nodded eagerly.

“Meeee? Am I not supporting you enough? How can I sponsor you?”

“We’d thought you could offer a signed Hermit’s Web book. We could put all the names of the people who comment into a hat and at the finals we draw one name and that person wins the book.”

“I guess that would be better than a meat pack.” I replied.

“We even could rename the show to the ‘Zeitgeist Publishing Super Dede 2012’ competition” Detail suggested.

“Oh, no! c’mon!.. I will give you a signed ‘Hermit’s Web‘ book and I even will throw in two additional packets of Dede postcards (10 each). But don’t do any of the naming crap. That makes it sound so cheap.”

Prize draw

“Can I write it like this into the rule book?” Detail read out aloud what she was writing “The name of any commenter goes into the draw for a signed copy of the book: ‘Hermit’s Web or the few friends I need, I hand-craft myself“. The more comments you write the more you increase your chances. Second and third prize are one pack of ten Dede postcards each.”

“The wording might have to be fine-tuned, but yes, that is correct.” I said and packed up my things.

Something unexpected happened yesterday: The Dedes got a postcard! Yes, a postcard – Who still sends postcards?

What a wonderful surprise. We love to get letters and postcards. But nowadays when we trundle down to the letterbox it is usually to get bills and real estate advertisements, not handwritten notes, not even around Christmas time. I sometimes wonder what future historians will research when they want to find out what was going on between two like-minded greats. Their twitter accounts? Mmmhm, I don’t think so.

But I am digressing. Yes, indeed the postcard was addressed to the Dede puppets at my place. I couldn’t identify the handwriting at first. It was pretty scrawly and I had a very hard time deciphering it. But of course the Dedes wanted to know who thought of them and in the end Foxy Lady, who has really good eyes, took on the job of reading it out aloud. It said: “Dear Dedes, I am having a lovely holiday and will have lots to talk about when I get home. I have  been at a dress factory. You wouldn’t believe how many dresses there are!!!…I am looking out for a nice one, but it is so hard to choose. They are all so groovy.” At this point I felt a knot in my stomach, because I had ordered 10 plain black robes again. After all I am a designer and I love black myself. None of the Dedes has ever complained about my lack of fashion sense before, but now I could  clearly hear it between the lines.

Mouse was sitting in the corner chuckling away to herself. Of course it was her, but by dede… her handwriting! It looked as if she had too many G and T’s while sunbathing in the wicker basket there.

On Tuesday I had to take some pictures at a gathering for one of my clients. That is something I usually don’t do. I don’t like to take images of people I don’t know. I always have the feeling that I am intruding and stealing their soul. It was a business meeting and it was surprisingly easy (I am not saying there were no souls to steal). On my way home I tried to remember any images I had taken showing strangers from the front, apart from the two tourists I posted earlier this week. My thing (when I photograph people) is to take images of everyday solitairy situations. Usually it is just  me with my (rather large) camera  and the other person on the scene. It’s very unlikely the other person doesn’t notice what I am up to.

Yesterday I sifted through old photographs and I found this one taken at the Viktualienmarkt in Munich. The Viktualienmarkt is a permanent farmer’s market dating back to the 1800’s. It is located wham bang  in the middle of town, only a few paces from the Townhall.  You can get all sorts of edible treasures here and the place is usually hustling and bustling during the opening hours. But Sunday is still a day of rest, so I must have taken this image on a Sunday in winter (as there are no leaves on the trees). In Winter the market opens when it is still dark and closes after night has fallen again.

This is something I easily could do without: Sunday trading. Even though I am not a religious person, I believe there is a good reason to have one day of rest in the week. It is a day when the entire family can do an activity together. Some sort of pastime that excludes shopping. I think Sunday trading has a lot to answer for in regards to the disintegration of family values.

This is an image of the Hokianga Harbour taken last weekend. Yes, we do have an amazing scenery in New Zealand – It is particularly pretty when the sun is shining :) Hope the weather lasts over the next weekend.

energyI just realised, I am now blogging for one month. One can tell that I am still a newbie, as I am posting every day. I guess, when you are doing it for a while you will slow down. I have learned a thing or two in this first month, but I know I am still at the beginning of my learning curve.

Though, I am surprised how much I am enjoying this process. So far, I have never had the urge to show what I am producing to the world. There are gazillions of really good and gifted people out there… (A fact you become even more aware of, when you engage in the blogging community). The reason why I am really enjoying it, is that I am now sort of cataloguing my own work in my head. It is a retrospective of a non-exhibiting artist. What always seemed to me like a mixed bag, does actually have a common thread.

The puppets for whom I have set up the blog, appear to be the odd ones out. But only visually, only superficially.

The launch of my book is still three weeks away and I am going through all the expected emotions every day. I have finished the Devil’s Advocate puppet. The Procrastinator is still nowhere to be seen. But I have the feeling I moved forward tremendously.

One sentence I have read recently in the paper has lodged itself into my memory: “there is no art without an art market.” I stumbled when I read it, but continued on. Unfortunately I have forgotten the rest of the article and where and when I read it, so I can’t reference it. But this one sentence stuck. I disagree.


My allegory for relationships

Between 2008 and 2009 I’ve  had a project going, where I’ve sent my sister a postcard once a week for a year. She lives on the other side of the world.  This postcard shown here was No 12.

For me railway tracks are a wonderful allegory for relationships: path crossing, joining, breaking off, running parallel or veering off.