These are mug shots of the puppets I have made to date. An asterisk* next to a name indicates the puppet features in the Book Hermits Web or the few friends I need, I hand-craft myself.

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was the first puppet. He pops up every so often, mostly to unsettle me. He has a very strong opinion on what I should or shouldn’t do. He is surprisingly mellow towards the other Dedes.

Deutsch Fraulein* (German Girl)

Started out as Princess, but became German Girl, when she incidentally ended up with a German flag on her forehead. Deep down, she still believes she the princess.


Is a sweet little gossip and a very hard worker. She is loved by everyone even though we know she can’t keep a secret. We can live with it as long as she has everything under control.


Is a student of Social Urban Studies and eats all day. She is the only one who isn’t particularly fond of Mouse.


Is into health food and is a very good mediator. She tries hard to be friends with everybody. She understands everything and everyone.

The Professor*

Loves his wine, loves to talk and, even worse, loves to hear himself talking.


Is best mates with The Professor and loves the wine even more. Unlike The Professor, Pig doesn’t say much. I’d say: a match made in heaven.


Is a wise old man and very thoughtful. He does have a soft spot for Deutsch Fraulein (German Girl).


Lives under my bed and is currently in a relationship with Skeleton Edeltraut.

Skeleton Edeltraut*

Is one of a large family of skeletons living in my closet.


Is the entrepreneur. He tries to turn everything into a buck.


Sees himself as an artist and is waiting for his artistic break-through.


I would love to have her as my best friend, but she is very elusive.


Is a solo mum and mother of Minor, as well as half-sister of Chance. She is very inquisitive and always wants to know more.

Bad Conscience*

Comes to visit from time to time, unfortunately he has the tendency not to move once he has settled. He has a problem with reflux.

Devil’s Advocate

Is a learned man but always says the opposite than everybody else. The latest news is that he started an affair with Mrs Esta Blished, the fairy godmother although he is still married. We never see his wife anyway.


is the sloppy teenage daughter of Detail.


Is the love-sick puppy. His object of desire is Skeleton Edeltraut.

Fairy Godmother

I am not very well acquainted with her yet. I think she means well. Her real name is Mrs Esta Blished and one day I might even tell how she was conceived :)


Is a bit pompous and up himself. He is phobic of germs. He tries to make everything his business as he is standing for office in the Dede Society.


Doesn’t have a good opinion about anybody. Watch her: She always smiles at you but as soon as you turn away, she rolls her eyes for everyone else to see.


Attends every party in town, but is very difficult to have a meaningful conversation with. She  constantly looks past you, scanning the room for someone more important than you.

L’ariste dede

Is an accomplished artist and the bohemian amongst the dedes. He isn’t fazed by the fact he hasn’t much money. Somehow he survives and is still creative.

Nosy Neighbour (aka Envy)

Is a grumpy old fart and is always watching what’s going on. He knows everything… and even worse, he knows everything better. He got recently married to Twofaced.

Scardy pants

Is so easily scared that he is even frightened by his own shadow. He constantly worries about this, that or the other thing, mostly about making the wrong decisions.

Foxy Lady

Is a beauty and also has the brains. She is the one to watch, she will out-smart most of the puppets.


The clown Snippedy has hit the brick wall on numerous occasions and has had a lot of pain in his life. He keeps a brave face and laughs it all off. Sadly, he can’t fool anybody.

mug_push_pushPush Push

is always blowing her own trumpet. If you look past the glitter, you will find she is plain boring, and doesn’t have many ideas of her own. She loves to slip into her colourful circus gear and a real transformation takes place: “Look at me, look at me, look at what I can do” she calls out.


Has a gambling problem. He is not very good in looking after his health and has to wear glasses as he hasn’t eaten enough carrots in his life. He is desperate for a girlfriend.

Rob D. Light

Is the daylight robber. All the puppets try to avoid him.


Was requested by the Dedes, because Nosy Neighbour had too many complaints about the Dede household. Bobby has just finished the Academy and takes his first job very very seriously.


Was supposed to be a hero, but it turns out, he is not the brightest cookie in the jar and has absolutely no fear. Or at least that is what he makes us believe. On closer look, he is not really that good in putting his foot where his mouth is.


Was supposed to be Minnie-Me. But something went terribly wrong. He is very cute, but I can assure you, he looks absolutely nothing like me.

Cash Cow

Has an empty udder and lives now in my garage as she can’t afford to pay rent anywhere else.

In Progress

None at the moment

Not started yet



Lost in the process

Patience :)

Finished Installation

Consisting of Boy, LiarSmug Little Devil, Ms SM and Alien


Comes from a long line of sewer rats. She put herself through school and has now landed a job in a lab

mug_foreign correspondentForeign Correspondent

Has been employed to look after the German blog.

The following puppets have been created for the first Dede Puppet Exhibition at the Depot Artspace in Devonport, New Zealand.

mug_alley catAlley Cat

mug_techno manTechno Man


mug_snotty nosed prince copySnotty nosed Prince


mug_punch drunkPunch too


mug_Punch tooPunch drunk

mug_nit pickerNit Picker


mug_Mr VagueMr Vague


mug_Milky bar devilMilky Bar Devil








mug_Granddad MaxGranddad Max




mug_eve ElEve L.


mug_Evan G ListEvan G. List


mug_court jesterCourt Jester


mug_cool catCool Cat


mug_chamber maidChamber Maid




mug_boss ManBoss Man


mug_Lap dogLap Dog