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He considers himself a sly fox

Easter is not far away and if you follow the Dedes you might recall that around this time last year I tried to sacrifice my Dede puppet Top Dog for the benefit of the others. (

With his narcissistic personality  he was unsettling the Dede community big time. In the end I put him in the garden to expose him to the elements and hoped for a quick decline. Unfortunately, he was stronger than me and he resisted his demise. After a week or so I felt sorry for him and let him back inside. Subsequently, I wanted to send him to a dog training centre. It was all agreed, but the handlers never came to pick him up. It seems I can’t get rid of him and he is still with us, and annoying as ever. The other Dedes try to ignore his antics. To find out what his problem is read the post and

For a year he tried to recoup his rightful position at the top of the pack. After all, he is convinced he’s the best. This time though he is going after the lil’Dedes. Maybe he expects less resistance. But what do I know? For a week or two now he has been wooing the cute little walrus, crooked teeth and all. With his watchful eye he spotted the money she keeps under her mattress and would love to get his hands on it for a new “business venture”. The Dedes have tried to warn the little Walrus but they might have to admit defeat. Isn’t it futile to warn someone who is infatuated?

body return

Mole can’t cope with being wanted by all the Dedes for stealing their bodies. Of course there is a very simple explanation, but it is a slightly longer story. Please care to listen to his side of the incident.

Let me recap the story: the Dedes had a day off and, messy as they are, left their bodies scattered around the studio. Lil’Dede Mole happened to pass by and virtually tripped over the abandoned property. He honestly thought he hit the jack pot when he saw these robes with extra large hands. They are just perfect for his work, you know, he has to dig in the dirt all day. He was just putting his found treasures neatly in a pile when Foxy Lady appeared out of nowehere and started to talk to him Mole got such a big fright, that he took off with the floatsam as fast as he could. After all, foxes are his natural enemies. They eat moles when they spot them. Can anybody blame him for his behaviour?

When Mole discovered the “Wanted” poster, he finally figured out the clothes weren’t without owners and asked Bad Conscience to take them back. Mole is dyslexic too, so to show his deep regret he added his heart to the parcel.

What do you think of Mole now?

mole close up

Mole got a big fright when he saw the identikit picture L’Artiste has drawn up and placed around the studio. I wonder if anyone will recognise him and turn him in.

guilty Lil-dedes2

Bobby the policeman is always in uniform. He even sleeps in it so it wasn’t stolen along with the other ones. It’s lucky he does because he still has a body! The Dedes asked him to investigate to find out what happened to their robes. Bobby rounded up some of the Lil’Dedes and started questioning them. They were quite incensed. With the assertiveness only a short puppet can have, one of them stepped forward, looked Bobby firmly in the eye and said, “just because we’re little doesn’t mean we’re guilty!” Look at their clothes. Honestly, they are much more elaborate than the black robes the Dedes always wear. What was he thinking?

This week another unexpected story emerged! It looks like the disgraced EIW is on the way to snapchat stardom. I have to tell you the story:

Midweek she moved to my friend’s office. For the first day she was just sitting around idly. What’s new, I thought, good riddance lazy sod! The next day, though, my friend reported excitedly, that everything changed as soon as Sammy Salsa entered the room. As if EIW had been waiting for Sammy all her life. Sammy is a stylist and EIW is into fashion big time (you can tell by her silly hair thingummy). At last she found someone to talk to and she virtually latched onto him. She was just waiting for her big chance, and did she jump on it or what? She begged him on her knees to make a snapchat film with her. Surprisingly his snapchat friends loved her as well and asked for more.  And here we are. I added the three little films they’ve made so far together. I particularly like the last one, where she is praying. As if she thanks the higher being to have escaped the Dede household. Does she really say “Quick” in the end? Is she worried she has to come back.? No, no, I am happy for her and her new life.

I also noticed, Sammy refers to her as he. It never occurred to me that she might be a fa’afafine. Of course Sammy, who is from Samoa, would immediately recognise one. Sometimes I am really oblivious to what’s going on. But, say, doesn’t she look lively in his hands.


The Dedes were told chicken manure is very beneficial for the soil in their new garden. Luckily they have a chook amongst them and Loudmouth was more than happy to do her share and produce the dung. She is very good at it too. However, in the meantime the weather has turned to spring and nature told Loudmouth it is time to brood. One day she plucked all her beautiful feathers from her tummy and sat down in the laying box, making herself comfortable for the next thirty days. The other Dedes tried to talk her out of it, telling her she would need a rooster to be successful. It didn’t help. Then they cooked a beautiful meal for her  – food was always her thing and she eats pretty much everything – but no, she didn’t move. They even stole the eggs from under her. Now, she is sitting on nothing but hay. She still isn’t moving. Nature is simply stronger than all reasoning and coaxing. Unfortunately she isn’t very sociable when she is in this mood and she won’t produce much manure or any eggs either.

I am currently making new Lil’Dedes to sell at the Christmas market in three weeks. Mouse, the keen gardener was desperate for some more chicken dung, and asked me to make a fledgling. This worked a breeze. When Loudmouth  saw the little one she jumped up and called: “Can I keep this, can I keep this? Pleeeeease!”

“But it isn’t finished yet” I said.

“Don’t worry” she answered “I will see to that” and she shuffled it under her tummy and sat back down.

lil princess and naughty boy

Since Lil’ Piggy and Farmer John were sold so quickly, the manager of the gallery asked me to bring some more puppets in. I like to keep them in pairs so they can tell a good story and I hope they find a new home together. When I told the manager I brought Lil’Princess and Naughty Boy along, she replied without looking, “Oh, I know those two”. Yes, I am sure they can tell a story!

lartiste and mitzi

As Lil’Piggy and Farmer John decided to stay at the Depot Artspace, L’Artiste saw his chance for an outing. “Pick me, pick me” he called every time our paths crossed. “Artists need new impressions. You know this just as well as I do, don’t you?”  How could I say no, particularly as he is featured in the short film that is now showing on Waiheke.  I didn’t need to think twice about who I should take as his partner. I always knew I had to take two Dedes to give a good performance. As it happened, L’Artiste got himself a Lil’Dede cat recently, called Mitzi, and the two of them became inseparable very quickly. So Mitzi  was the second lucky one to come.

We started off in beautiful sunshine here, but by the time we arrived at the wharf a blanket of dark clouds covered the sky and we could see the rain coming down over our suburb in the distance. Pretty much all day we were just a little bit ahead of the weather. It was a pity because the threatening clouds seemed to keep people away and not much happened on the island. There was a busker in front of the gallery and L’Artiste danced his little heart out to the beautiful tunes, but he just couldn’t create much interest.

He was very quiet on the way home and when we finally arrived back, he didn’t want to come out of the rucksack.

farmerjohn_lilPiggy excursion

Farmer John complained last night that our house wasn’t very stimulating. There’s no pictures on the wall and no furniture in the room where they are staying, only a heap of discarded newspapers in one corner. How can a good farmer educate his piglet? A piglet who hasn’t even learned to read yet?  I guess he has a point. I have to offer them a bit more excitement as they are the only two lil’Dedes who stayed behind when the others went overseas to Waiheke Island. Even though we have no idea whether they are having fun over there, Farmer John just assumes that, having not heard anything, they must be having the time of their lives. And Lil’Piggy and him are loosing out!

As I had to go to Devonport today, I let them tag along to see the current exhibition at the Depot Artspace, where the big Dedes had such a good time. They absolutely loved it. Here Farmer John explains the painting “Indian Spices” by Paul Burke to his mate, who is such a grateful listener. The gallery manager, Cath O’Brien, took the picture and we were both surprised how well Farmer John interpreted what he saw. He sounded quite the expert. When it was time for me to go, they weren’t finished looking around and virtually begged me to be allowed to stay. I reminded them they are supposed to come with me to Waiheke for the artist’s talk on Saturday.  But no, they well and truly had their heart set on staying at the Depot. In the end I left them there. I believe they found a nice vantage point on a shelf.  I only hope they don’t want to go to India next…


Hurrah! We finally finished sanding the window frames in the new studio space! Farmer John and Lil’Piggy were the only two puppets around when we performed our victory dance and they joined right in. High Five and all. I can tell from Farmer John’s look that he thought it was about time (being a hands-on man himself, he wonders what took us so long), or is he secretly peeking at the scale on Lil’Piggy’s forehead to see if it is fattened up enough?

Anyway, the victory dance was a bit premature. We still have all the painting to do.