He considers himself a sly fox

Easter is not far away and if you follow the Dedes you might recall that around this time last year I tried to sacrifice my Dede puppet Top Dog for the benefit of the others. (https://dedepuppets.com/2015/03/27/top-dog-has-to-go/).

With his narcissistic personality  he was unsettling the Dede community big time. In the end I put him in the garden to expose him to the elements and hoped for a quick decline. Unfortunately, he was stronger than me and he resisted his demise. After a week or so I felt sorry for him and let him back inside. Subsequently, I wanted to send him to a dog training centre. It was all agreed, but the handlers never came to pick him up. It seems I can’t get rid of him and he is still with us, and annoying as ever. The other Dedes try to ignore his antics. To find out what his problem is read the post https://dedepuppets.com/2014/12/07/top-dog/ and https://dedepuppets.com/2014/12/14/top-dog-deciphered/

For a year he tried to recoup his rightful position at the top of the pack. After all, he is convinced he’s the best. This time though he is going after the lil’Dedes. Maybe he expects less resistance. But what do I know? For a week or two now he has been wooing the cute little walrus, crooked teeth and all. With his watchful eye he spotted the money she keeps under her mattress and would love to get his hands on it for a new “business venture”. The Dedes have tried to warn the little Walrus but they might have to admit defeat. Isn’t it futile to warn someone who is infatuated?