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Bobby handcuffed Alley Cat and dragged her away while Alley Cat was still wondering how many lives she really has. It looks like most of the world attributes nine lives to cats. As we couldn’t solve the riddle for her we issued a warning for cats, they should  stay clear of Germany as they get short changed by two lives.


So for now Alley Cat is locked up, but she has no idea what she has done. It is becoming more and more kafkaesk.


Alley Cat was still watching the little wooden cat running into the sunset, when suddenly Bobby, the policeman, jumped out of nowhere and threw her to the ground. “I am arresting you on suspicion of criminal intent” he shouted. Alley Cat was scared stiff. Her first thought was “Thank God, there are no guns in Dedeland. If there were, I would be dead. Seven lives and all!” Only afterwards did she wonder what she must have done to deserve this treatment.

This incident raised new questions. While Alley Cat was still counting her blessed seven lives, one of our readers asked “shouldn’t she have nine?” And true, this is one of the riddles I couldn’t solve so far. In Germany where I come from cats have only seven lives, while in English speaking countries they have nine. What have the German cats done that they are shortchanged by two lives. Can anyone explain this to me, please? The next question of course, should Alley Cat have only seven lives, because she was created by a German or should she have nine lives, as she was created in New Zealand? What a conundrum.


Alley Cat had a wonderful idea this morning. “I know from experience, pets are very helpful when you suffer from depression” she said and set out to catch the Artist’s new wooden cat. “This one is so cute, it will keep Foxy Lady entertained for a while!”

The kitten ran for it’s life and escaped by a whisker “I need to see the artist,” the little thing called on her way out, “I am not fully developed yet.”

There was a bit outcry amongst the Instagram readers. One concerned reader from Turkey commented, “Well, a cat is something, a kitten is something totally different! Maybe Foxy Lady indeed needs more of an empathic-sensitive-deep-looking cat, rather than a frisky-playful kitten.” Very good point, indeed. And then another reader pointed out “Foxes would eat the kitten, that why she ran. She didn’t intend to be Foxy Lady’s lunch. What? Was Alley Cat trying to get rid of the little kitten. Jealous maybe?” This has to be investigated!



Don’t worry Monkey” said Push Push, the elephant.”Our friend @gulayse56 suggested Foxy Lady needs some warm Dede support at the moment. We can do this, can’t we?”

“But she is crazy!”said Monkey fearing he could catch the disease.

Push Push just laughed “Well, define crazy for me.”


“Oh no, Foxy Lady needs professional help” cried Monkey. “We don’t have a psychiatrist or psychologist amongst the Dedes!”

“We could ask the artist to make one” suggested Benevolent King. This idea didn’t fly with Monkey. Who knows what the outcome will be, but he didn’t air this concern, instead he  said: “knowing her speed it will take six months before it is done.”

“Isn’t that the normal wait for an appointment?” asked Benevolent King.

“But Foxy Lady needs help NOW! I don’t dare to imagine what will happen when she has to wait that long.”


“Hang on,”  said Monkey, who had just arrived at the scene. ” Did you say, you disappeared? We thought you had been taken hostage!”

“That was the idea” admitted Foxy Lady. “I wanted to frame Top Dog and hoped he would be put away. He has done so much damage to the Dedeworld”

“You are crazy!” Monkey shook his head in disbelieve. “Do you know what you did to us? We thought you were dead!”

“Sometimes I think it would be better if I was,” replied Foxy Lady despondently.

“Don’t say such things” Benevolent King cut in on the conversation. “I really believe you would benefit from professional help!”


Foxy Lady hung her head and mumbled “you can’t reason with Top Dog.”

“We all know that,” said Benevolent King, “he just makes up stories as he pleases. It is easiest just to ignore.”

“I couldn’t do it any longer. With his verbal diarrhoea he pushed me until I had to push back” she confessed now. “It was the final straw and I am not proud of it. Hence my disappearance.”


When Foxy Lady got up she realised the figures were only dwarfs. “Are you good or evil” she asked the one that looked like the eldest.

“If you believe in us, we are good” said the stone man “and if you don’t believe, we use our discretion.”

Foxy had so many more questions and continued. “What are you doing here?” she asked.

“We are curing here for a month.”

“And then?”

“We will find a new home.”

“Can I come with you?”

“Hold your horses lady, we don’t even know you. Are you good or evil?” the elder replied.

“Of course I am good!” said Foxy Lady indignantly.


“No, you are not!” called Benevolent King who finally caught up, “you tried to push Top Dog of the shelf.”

“And you reckon that was a good deed, do you?” the stone man wanted to know.


After Foxy Lady was positively identified amongst the Lil’Dedes at the computer, she realised, it was time to move on again. Unfortunately, the Dedes don’t have much stamina and she soon collapsed exhausted in the wet area of the studio. The Dedes are not water tight and so she was sure, nobody would come looking for her here. Unfortunately, when she opened her eyes this morning she realised she was lying at the feet of the stone men, the artist’s latest creations. Some grim looking characters, oh oh.


Can you believe it? Look at the snout on the right hand side. Does this look familiar? What’s happening?
There has been tremendous activity in the Lil’Dede household lately. The smaller finger puppet cousins of the Dedes set up shop on a website for New Zealand crafted goods. They have been tossing up between etsy and and in the end the went for local. Anyone in the world can buy here though. And look who is helping them! If I get my hands on this Lady she will have to answer a few questions. In the meantime… the shop is called