Alley Cat had a wonderful idea this morning. “I know from experience, pets are very helpful when you suffer from depression” she said and set out to catch the Artist’s new wooden cat. “This one is so cute, it will keep Foxy Lady entertained for a while!”

The kitten ran for it’s life and escaped by a whisker “I need to see the artist,” the little thing called on her way out, “I am not fully developed yet.”

There was a bit outcry amongst the Instagram readers. One concerned reader from Turkey commented, “Well, a cat is something, a kitten is something totally different! Maybe Foxy Lady indeed needs more of an empathic-sensitive-deep-looking cat, rather than a frisky-playful kitten.” Very good point, indeed. And then another reader pointed out “Foxes would eat the kitten, that why she ran. She didn’t intend to be Foxy Lady’s lunch. What? Was Alley Cat trying to get rid of the little kitten. Jealous maybe?” This has to be investigated!