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planting out

Today was the big day. Dee came round with some seedlings and beans to plant out. As I suspected for a while, the only Dede truly interested in gardening is Mouse. She virutally wanted to hop into the basket with heritage beans, but when Dee showed her the seedlings she had been raising for us, Mouse clapped her mittens in excitement and then ran off to fetch her shovel. Dee had to show her what to do next. But before we could plant the seedlings I had to put more compost and potting mix down. Mouse just couldn’t lift the big heavy bags.

Dee showed her how to plant out the young beans and when it came to the tomatoes, Mouse wanted to do it all by herself. She nearly disappeared in the soft bed, but she seemed to have fun.

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garden tour

My new garden is progressing nicely. The Dedes have been watching me the last few weeks, now it is my turn to watch them. I was worried our gardens might turn into some sort of a race. Who will have their beds prepared first? I needn’t have worried. I am well ahead of my little friends. It’s mainly due to the fact that I have help from Simon, a language student from Germany who is currently staying with us. He needed some exercise after dinner last night and thought digging over the backyard would be just the right thing to do. I was amazed how quickly he turned the the area from looking and feeling like a gypsy camp into something quite respectable.

The Dedes were watching from inside. Later they admitted they had forgotten what Dee had instructed me to do before planting out. Being smug and knowing I am well ahead with my work, I graciously repeated what I have learned so far about soil nutrition. Here is what I did: First I raised the beds. This put the clay we dug out from under the house during the renovations last year to good use. Of course the clay is totally depleted of anything healthy, as nothing has been growing in it for 5o years. To nourish it, I spread the chicken poop which I collected over the last few months. On top of this I put a thick layer of grass clippings. Dee had organised Sam, the lawnmowing man, to dump the clippings from his round in our front garden. (It does sound like a gypsy camp, doesn’t it?).

This morning I invited the Dedes on a garden tour so they can have a closer look at my progress. Not many came, though.  I think it was the chicken poop that put them off.  Mouse was not impressed with her mates. It looks like she has been landed with all the work again.