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Focus on the difference! This is another contender for Silent Week.

I love the loneliness and calmness these images exude. The walkers appear to be lost in their own thoughts.

rainy day

Sitting in the car on the beach watching the sudden deluge through the window. This was Christmas 2011! It should have been a nice hot summer day – in our neck of the woods.

The new dede puppets are not finished yet. I will have to complete them during the day, as I don’t have a daylight lamp in my studio. It makes it very difficult to choose the colours at night. Unfortunately I won’t be able to continue on them over the weekend, as I am teaching a workshop on Saturday and Sunday. In the meantime I have put up an image that sums up this last summer for me (the reason why I started the puppets). I took this image, sitting at the beach in the car, looking at the grey yonder. I am driven by chance, but it doesn’t mean what I do is an accident.

Most of my work is digital and often consists of a series. The image shown here I turned later into a “Mood” Cycle, which I will post later today.