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rainy day

For weeks now I have been telling the Dedes that once we have moved into the new studio space we will do lots together. I sense they have given up on me! They think I am fobbing them off and they accuse me of not putting enough effort into finishing the space. In fact I am flat out. I call the new studio space the “America’s Cup room”. Every day I think we will be able to finish, we are so close, but then something unexpected happens. So, tomorrow will be the day, and if not tomorrow it will be the day after. It definitely has to happen this week as we have to move out of the rented office space by the end of the month. Here you have it – by the weekend we are moving and the new chapter will start!

Meanwhile, the Dedes are bored out of their minds. The world at this end has turned to spring, the magnolia blossom has been and gone. Yesterday we had a fantastic warm day. Today we have a horrible storm. Most of the Dedes are curled up in a box. Only Monkey hangs around. Now that they are not paying much attention, I can tell you guys that in fact heaps has happened in recent weeks. I am reluctant to tell the Dedes just yet. I don’t want them to get too excited. I know them. They will pester me to start on the new projects immediately but I really have to finish the studio space first. So, please, bear with me!

Little Piggy and Farmer John have left us for good. They found a new home over the weekend. You might recall, they wanted to stay at the Depot Artspace. Well, they weren’t left on the shelf for long. It feels strange not knowing where they went and it is a little sad that we will never hear from them again. So if the person who bought them comes across this blog, please, let us know how they are getting on.

lartiste mitzi tennisfilm

I had to go out last night and when I came back L’Artiste and Mitzi had finally left their spot on the yoga mat. They had made their way to the table and the lap top. Mitzi  had swapped one cosy place for another and was curled up on the keyboard, not too far from where L’Artiste was sitting. But L’Artiste had changed big time. He had a definite aura of action about him.  When I went round to see what he was doing he immediately said “So what is wrong with that?” and pointed to the screen. I could see the half finished tennis film. “We have a good amount of footage here. We could finish this one in no time flat!” he continued excitedly.

I had to own up that I wasn’t entirely happy with the script. I had asked a friend to come up with something. I don’t think I conveyed very well what I was after and unfortunately what we ended up with wasn’t in line with the Dede spirit. It wasn’t just a little off, it was way off. That is why I put it on hold.

L’Artiste scratched his head for a moment and then said “I really think we should finish it. I am sure your friend will understand when he sees the final product, don’t you think?”

“I promise I will look at the script again and see what I can salvage. It has been sitting in the drawer for a while now. Maybe it improved while it sat there.”

lartiste mitzi monkey

The rucksack must have become uncomfortable during the night and they found their way out. But they only made it a few steps to the side, to the rolled-up yoga mat. There I found them in the morning. L’Artiste staring depressed into space, Mitzi squinting up at me, I don’t know what she  is thinking, but she seems to be okay as long as she has a lap to sit on. I have to admit, I am not particularly good with depressed puppets, so pretended I didn’t see them as I walked past on my way to the kitchen. Monkey, who was right behind me, stopped and told L’Artiste in clear words he should snap out of it. Life is hard for everybody. L’Artiste said lamely, “Leave me alone, I want to wallow in my sorrow.”

Monkey shrugged his shoulders. “Ah well then, you can’t be helped!”

And I thought: what happened to my poor Dedes? They were such a fun bunch to have around. I really have to engage them in new projects.

lartiste and mitzi

As Lil’Piggy and Farmer John decided to stay at the Depot Artspace, L’Artiste saw his chance for an outing. “Pick me, pick me” he called every time our paths crossed. “Artists need new impressions. You know this just as well as I do, don’t you?”  How could I say no, particularly as he is featured in the short film that is now showing on Waiheke.  I didn’t need to think twice about who I should take as his partner. I always knew I had to take two Dedes to give a good performance. As it happened, L’Artiste got himself a Lil’Dede cat recently, called Mitzi, and the two of them became inseparable very quickly. So Mitzi  was the second lucky one to come.

We started off in beautiful sunshine here, but by the time we arrived at the wharf a blanket of dark clouds covered the sky and we could see the rain coming down over our suburb in the distance. Pretty much all day we were just a little bit ahead of the weather. It was a pity because the threatening clouds seemed to keep people away and not much happened on the island. There was a busker in front of the gallery and L’Artiste danced his little heart out to the beautiful tunes, but he just couldn’t create much interest.

He was very quiet on the way home and when we finally arrived back, he didn’t want to come out of the rucksack.

farmerjohn_lilPiggy excursion

Farmer John complained last night that our house wasn’t very stimulating. There’s no pictures on the wall and no furniture in the room where they are staying, only a heap of discarded newspapers in one corner. How can a good farmer educate his piglet? A piglet who hasn’t even learned to read yet?  I guess he has a point. I have to offer them a bit more excitement as they are the only two lil’Dedes who stayed behind when the others went overseas to Waiheke Island. Even though we have no idea whether they are having fun over there, Farmer John just assumes that, having not heard anything, they must be having the time of their lives. And Lil’Piggy and him are loosing out!

As I had to go to Devonport today, I let them tag along to see the current exhibition at the Depot Artspace, where the big Dedes had such a good time. They absolutely loved it. Here Farmer John explains the painting “Indian Spices” by Paul Burke to his mate, who is such a grateful listener. The gallery manager, Cath O’Brien, took the picture and we were both surprised how well Farmer John interpreted what he saw. He sounded quite the expert. When it was time for me to go, they weren’t finished looking around and virtually begged me to be allowed to stay. I reminded them they are supposed to come with me to Waiheke for the artist’s talk on Saturday.  But no, they well and truly had their heart set on staying at the Depot. In the end I left them there. I believe they found a nice vantage point on a shelf.  I only hope they don’t want to go to India next…


Hurrah! We finally finished sanding the window frames in the new studio space! Farmer John and Lil’Piggy were the only two puppets around when we performed our victory dance and they joined right in. High Five and all. I can tell from Farmer John’s look that he thought it was about time (being a hands-on man himself, he wonders what took us so long), or is he secretly peeking at the scale on Lil’Piggy’s forehead to see if it is fattened up enough?

Anyway, the victory dance was a bit premature. We still have all the painting to do.