farmerjohn_lilPiggy excursion

Farmer John complained last night that our house wasn’t very stimulating. There’s no pictures on the wall and no furniture in the room where they are staying, only a heap of discarded newspapers in one corner. How can a good farmer educate his piglet? A piglet who hasn’t even learned to read yet?  I guess he has a point. I have to offer them a bit more excitement as they are the only two lil’Dedes who stayed behind when the others went overseas to Waiheke Island. Even though we have no idea whether they are having fun over there, Farmer John just assumes that, having not heard anything, they must be having the time of their lives. And Lil’Piggy and him are loosing out!

As I had to go to Devonport today, I let them tag along to see the current exhibition at the Depot Artspace, where the big Dedes had such a good time. They absolutely loved it. Here Farmer John explains the painting “Indian Spices” by Paul Burke to his mate, who is such a grateful listener. The gallery manager, Cath O’Brien, took the picture and we were both surprised how well Farmer John interpreted what he saw. He sounded quite the expert. When it was time for me to go, they weren’t finished looking around and virtually begged me to be allowed to stay. I reminded them they are supposed to come with me to Waiheke for the artist’s talk on Saturday.  But no, they well and truly had their heart set on staying at the Depot. In the end I left them there. I believe they found a nice vantage point on a shelf.  I only hope they don’t want to go to India next…