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It’s Friday again and looking back at the week it wasn’t a particularly successful one. I’ve set out to do all these things and I ended up with half finished jobs, jobs not started, as well as having done things that needn’t to be done this week and also dealt with stuff originally not anticipated. To cut a long story short, my to do list hasn’t changed much since Monday, but I haven’t been idle this week either. I guess that’s life.

Today I have four things to finish on my to do list and I hope I will have completed them by tonight. So, let’s not procrastinate further and get on with it.

So, the book is launched. I had my five minutes of fame, and now I am left with the minor problem of selling the print run. At the moment you can’t get the book anywhere else than in my office. And boy, every poor person who comes through the door, is greeted by three puppets and a grinning me. If they want it or not, they have to listen to my story and nobody leaves the room without having bought a book. It won’t be long and I will have exhausted all the people I know and I will  slide back into my hermit state, because everybody is avoiding me (just kidding).

Being a real artist, of course I have procrastinated the selling task.  I always said, once I have the books in my hot little hands, I will put them up on (that is sort of the New Zealand answer to Amazon) and also on our own website. I dutifully read up about how to put a paypal button on a website and I am in the process of updating the website generally. Paypal says it takes 15 minutes to set up the button… Yeah right! I haven’t figured out yet, how you can charge different shipping costs for people here and overseas. But maybe I am just too tired now. Tomorrow is a public holiday in New Zealand and I will try with a fresh mind then. Thankfully, I have to sell books and not cream cakes. So it doesn’t matter if they are not sold by the weekend.

I have sent the 2 required copies to Legal Deposit Office of the National Library yesterday, that means that the book is now officially published in New Zealand. That’s at least something!


I tell you what, having a good idea and writing a book is the easiest part. Selling the book is far more difficult. In particular when you are not  a good sales person yourself.

Having had a publishing house some twenty odd years ago, I thought okay, I don’t need a publisher, I can do this job myself. I can find a proof-reader that’s all I need. The design and organising the printer is easy for me. And then, I will go and find somebody who does the warehousing and distribution. I really wanted to out-source this part of the job. I am a book lover and I would have liked to see the book going through the classic book channels, basically sell them through book shops. But that isn’t that easy. The market here in New Zealand is very small and the independent book distributor told me my books is too much of an art book, I should sell it through galleries.

Right, it is an art book, but it also appeals to people who are not into the serious art stuff. It is also a quirky story about real friends in the age of online social networks, anybody who isn’t online all the time, can easily relate to.

If I had written an novel, it would be so much easier, as then I could sell it electronically. But the images in my book really need to be printed, so that the dede puppets come to life.

It appeals to a much wider audience than just gallery visitors. So, the distribution remains still a little bit of a headache for me. I will sell it via an online book distributor and our own website, which I still have to update. I assume most of it will be word of mouth to start with. Thankfully, books are not like buns, they don’t get stale by the end of the day.  It just means I will I have to put a lot of effort into the launch event and keep working on it all day, every day.