At regular intervals I invite a group of people to my studio to create an impromptu puppet play. The sessions are around 2 to 2.5 hours long and start out with – nothing :). First the participants as a group have to come up with a storyline and then act it out with the puppets, while I take still  images. Invariably the story deviates from the original storyline as the afternoon progresses. Over the next 24 hours I produce the final film from the raw material.

I also run workshops in public places such as art galleries and community centres.

An Alien Encounter

August 2014. Alien is dropped on Earth and he wants to make friends. Unfortunately the King is very controling.


Good Riddance

August 2014. That should happen to all bullies!


One out of the box

February 2014. Devil is working hard to establish himself in his new job, but Magician keeps interfering. In the meantime some of the other Dedes are getting tired of the feud and are happy to help Devil.

A Devil of a Day

January  2014. Devil has lost his job and has to come to terms with it. He should never forget that he has still friends…

The Visitor

December 2013. Monkey has a few friends over for a yarn, when unexpected guest arrives.

A Dede day @ the bank

November 2013. Nosy Neighbour  is unhappy in his job and rather catches up with his old friend Punch too.

The life of an artist

April 2013. L’Artiste dreams of becoming a famous artist.

Elephant in Tutu

October 2013. Elephant is hard out practising a ballet dance.

Dede Dada do

October 2013. The Professor recites a Dada poem submitted by fellow blogger Tony.

Dede Dada do 2 or Art for Art’s Sake

November 2013, Cash Cow can’t make sense of Dada poems.