rainy day

For weeks now I have been telling the Dedes that once we have moved into the new studio space we will do lots together. I sense they have given up on me! They think I am fobbing them off and they accuse me of not putting enough effort into finishing the space. In fact I am flat out. I call the new studio space the “America’s Cup room”. Every day I think we will be able to finish, we are so close, but then something unexpected happens. So, tomorrow will be the day, and if not tomorrow it will be the day after. It definitely has to happen this week as we have to move out of the rented office space by the end of the month. Here you have it – by the weekend we are moving and the new chapter will start!

Meanwhile, the Dedes are bored out of their minds. The world at this end has turned to spring, the magnolia blossom has been and gone. Yesterday we had a fantastic warm day. Today we have a horrible storm. Most of the Dedes are curled up in a box. Only Monkey hangs around. Now that they are not paying much attention, I can tell you guys that in fact heaps has happened in recent weeks. I am reluctant to tell the Dedes just yet. I don’t want them to get too excited. I know them. They will pester me to start on the new projects immediately but I really have to finish the studio space first. So, please, bear with me!

Little Piggy and Farmer John have left us for good. They found a new home over the weekend. You might recall, they wanted to stay at the Depot Artspace. Well, they weren’t left on the shelf for long. It feels strange not knowing where they went and it is a little sad that we will never hear from them again. So if the person who bought them comes across this blog, please, let us know how they are getting on.