monkey move

We have made the move, phew. All our business stuff has been shuffled into the new studio space. And that is it. We have just added to the big mess we already had in the house anyway. I don’t even know where to start tidying up. But mess and all, the space feels fantastic. This morning Monkey came sliding down the balustrade from upstairs and settled on the sideboard next to my desk. “So” he said to me “The move is over. Where are all the others then?”

“You can’t be serious” I responded, slightly annoyed.  “Look around. I can’t have all the Dedes running wild in this mess.”

“I am so sick of all your promises” he said indignantly. “Can I remind you, that you have an obligation to look after us. We are your artworks!”

“I know, I know. I feel really bad about it. But things are just so much slower in real life. But of course you wouldn’t know, you are not real!”

“It is not just about us! It is now three months since you told your real friends they would be invited to a Dede recital afternoon. And it still hasn’t happend! This is simply unacceptable by any standard.”

“Do you think I am happy with the progress?”

“C’mon, be brave! Just set a date! You know when you set a date it will happen.”

He jumped down from the sideboard and grabbed the computer mouse to open the calendar. “How does Saturday the 26th sound?”

“I don’t know if the bathroom will be painted by then.”

“Get real. Do you think your friends care? It’s only paint! They’ll be here to see us!”

I knew I had to give in to get him off my back. Otherwise I wouldn’t get any work done today.