devil balustrade

When Devil saw Monkey sliding down the banister yesterday he of course wanted to have a go as well. You certainly can imagine how much noise these two guys made and I wasn’t impressed at all. I am trying to work here! They really have to keep the noise down a little. When I first asked them to tone it down, they looked at each other and quieted down. But it didn’t take long before they were back to their old noisy selves. Personally, I got the impression Devil didn’t even enjoy himself that much. He looked rather miserable and scared. He looked as if he only put on a brave face because Monkey loved it so much. So I thought I’d help him out and asked them to stop. But boy, was I mistaken! Devil stood up to me and said he and Monkey will continue until I set all the Dedes free. Here we go again: Devil is trying to hold me to ransom.

I don’t have the time to play his silly games, so I just grabbed him next time he came down to the bottom of the stairs and wrestled him back into the box. He forgot I am still stronger than him!