lartiste mitzi tennisfilm

I had to go out last night and when I came back L’Artiste and Mitzi had finally left their spot on the yoga mat. They had made their way to the table and the lap top. Mitzi  had swapped one cosy place for another and was curled up on the keyboard, not too far from where L’Artiste was sitting. But L’Artiste had changed big time. He had a definite aura of action about him.  When I went round to see what he was doing he immediately said “So what is wrong with that?” and pointed to the screen. I could see the half finished tennis film. “We have a good amount of footage here. We could finish this one in no time flat!” he continued excitedly.

I had to own up that I wasn’t entirely happy with the script. I had asked a friend to come up with something. I don’t think I conveyed very well what I was after and unfortunately what we ended up with wasn’t in line with the Dede spirit. It wasn’t just a little off, it was way off. That is why I put it on hold.

L’Artiste scratched his head for a moment and then said “I really think we should finish it. I am sure your friend will understand when he sees the final product, don’t you think?”

“I promise I will look at the script again and see what I can salvage. It has been sitting in the drawer for a while now. Maybe it improved while it sat there.”