body return

Mole can’t cope with being wanted by all the Dedes for stealing their bodies. Of course there is a very simple explanation, but it is a slightly longer story. Please care to listen to his side of the incident.

Let me recap the story: the Dedes had a day off and, messy as they are, left their bodies scattered around the studio. Lil’Dede Mole happened to pass by and virtually tripped over the abandoned property. He honestly thought he hit the jack pot when he saw these robes with extra large hands. They are just perfect for his work, you know, he has to dig in the dirt all day. He was just putting his found treasures neatly in a pile when Foxy Lady appeared out of nowehere and started to talk to him Mole got such a big fright, that he took off with the floatsam as fast as he could. After all, foxes are his natural enemies. They eat moles when they spot them. Can anybody blame him for his behaviour?

When Mole discovered the “Wanted” poster, he finally figured out the clothes weren’t without owners and asked Bad Conscience to take them back. Mole is dyslexic too, so to show his deep regret he added his heart to the parcel.

What do you think of Mole now?