The Dedes were told chicken manure is very beneficial for the soil in their new garden. Luckily they have a chook amongst them and Loudmouth was more than happy to do her share and produce the dung. She is very good at it too. However, in the meantime the weather has turned to spring and nature told Loudmouth it is time to brood. One day she plucked all her beautiful feathers from her tummy and sat down in the laying box, making herself comfortable for the next thirty days. The other Dedes tried to talk her out of it, telling her she would need a rooster to be successful. It didn’t help. Then they cooked a beautiful meal for her  – food was always her thing and she eats pretty much everything – but no, she didn’t move. They even stole the eggs from under her. Now, she is sitting on nothing but hay. She still isn’t moving. Nature is simply stronger than all reasoning and coaxing. Unfortunately she isn’t very sociable when she is in this mood and she won’t produce much manure or any eggs either.

I am currently making new Lil’Dedes to sell at the Christmas market in three weeks. Mouse, the keen gardener was desperate for some more chicken dung, and asked me to make a fledgling. This worked a breeze. When Loudmouth  saw the little one she jumped up and called: “Can I keep this, can I keep this? Pleeeeease!”

“But it isn’t finished yet” I said.

“Don’t worry” she answered “I will see to that” and she shuffled it under her tummy and sat back down.