Yes, I left civilisation and it looked like I never came back. But I can set your mind at rest. I have returned and the Dedes have been posting on Instagram every day. Fittingly, having had Valentine’s Day this month, they are discussing the various notions of love. :) It started with Minor, Detail‘s teenage daughter, looking for true love. Today Skeleton Edeltraut complains about an admirer who doesn’t respect her boundaries. Below I have put together a catch-up picture gallery. If you have any forms of love to add, please feel free to make a comment.

I have to apologise for my longer blog posts that have fallen by the wayside again. I am trying to make a major decision.  I am investigating the feasibility of  leaving  ‘honest  work’ and the big smoke behind and moving to the country side, engaging in art (not just the puppets), full-time and for good.