11 mittens giving

… my true love brought to me Eleven mittens giving, ten actors filming, nine chums relaxing, eight puppets groaning, seven Dedes drinking, six punters paying, five golden things, four thrown-off frocks, three strange friends, two purple gloves and a chicken in a dead tree.

With the eleventh day we are nearing the end of the Christmas season. When the Dedes became aware there are only two more days they got into overdrive, they still have so many ideas what they want to give. Now of course, they are regretting that they lost one day drinking and one day groaning. I hope one day they will learn that they can’t bring back lost time. Anyway to speed things up they decided on 11 mittens giving today.

“Isn’t one of them taking? The empty one right in the middle!” I asked when they delivered their present. “No, you silly! You always misinterpret our actions” the messenger answered annoyed. “this one wanted to give a hand!”

“No” clarified the mitten “I wanted to apply myself”

What do you think the eleven mittens contributed?

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