devil thinking

It was such a great evening yesterday. Really, it was wonderful to see the Dedes  having fun together again. We have come such a long way, haven’t we?  Mouse reminded us that our first anniversary of blogging is coming up soon. I had forgotten when we started, as for me it is such a normal part of my daily routine now. So I had to check whether Mouse is correct and indeed, I published my first post ever on the 27th of Feb last year. So it is ten days to go before the first year ends. Anniversaries are such wonderful occasions to stop and reflect about what you are doing, aren’t they?

When the puppets were still asleep this morning, I indulged in re-reading some of the stuff. I can truly say, the whole blogging process is a very interesting experience. The blog has changed considerably throughout the year . In the beginning I wrote much more about the background and processes around the puppets, rather than what the puppets are experiencing in their daily life. It started off with the publishing process of  the puppet book “Hermit’s Web”, then I had a period where I posted my other artwork, before I finally settled into the continuing puppet story.

The Dedes said last night they really would love to celebrate the anniversary in style. They want to have another competition of some sort. I agreed but put the ball back in their court. They can’t expect me to have all the ideas, so I left it to them to come up with a feasible concept. But I will be happy to donate a set of postcards as a prize again.

Nobody was forthcoming with any ideas yesterday. Devil thought hard for a while and finally said maybe our readers have a wish or idea? The Dedes would be delighted to hear your suggestions for how we should celebrate this remarkable milestone!