mouse and pavlova

It was interesting to see how Pavlova got along with all the others at the get-together last Saturday. In the beginning she was just sitting in the sun by herself, watching the Dedes arrive. She is not an outgoing character by any means, and it is obviously very difficult for her to start a conversation. So, she waited around until someone came up and talked to her. Mouse is really welcoming, particularly when she feels at ease. She invites everybody to partake and she engaged with Pavlova for a while. Later she told us Pavlova was hard work. She didn’t answer in full sentences, she only said yes or no and wasn’t forthcoming with any stories of her own. Mouse is none the wiser about who Pavlova actually is. Everybody else said pretty much the same thing. Pavlova isn’t unpleasant at all, but very difficult to have a conversation with.