bully fairy and mouse

Mouse used to be Devil‘s confidant. But since he started his new job he doesn’t have much time for her. She didn’t mind too much as she was so engaged with Artists’s survival cookbook. She didn’t even notice they were drifting apart. All of a sudden she realised that it was difficult to have a decent conversation with him. And since he wasn’t forthcoming with any info Mouse turned to Fairy Godmother, who has been chatting a lot with Devil lately.

“Do you know what’s up with Devil?” Mouse asked her bluntly. Fairy Godmother rolled her eyes, “I think he is loosing it” she said, and held both her hands up as if she wanted to say don’t go there. “He tells me stories” she continued. “They can’t possibly have happened. It sounds like his colleague is Machiavelli and our friend Devil is a wallflower. He surely must be exaggerating.” Mouse looked at her in surprise. That didn’t sound anything like the Devil she knew. “You know, Devil is actually very caring. Some people only think ill of him because he doesn’t blindly side with them. He always calls a spade a spade.”

“I’m telling you he’s loosing it!” repeated Fairy Godmother.

“Just give me an example” begged Mouse.

“It seems there is one colleague, Top Dog, who has it in for him” said Fairy Godmother. “But I can’t tell you any details. He has told me so much that it’s all become a bit blurred.”