bully devil

Mouse was shocked when she heard Devil had been bullied in his new job. The two of them had done so much together and worked really well as a team, like when they ran the Super Dede competition at Christmas two years ago. Then Devil lost his daytime job and in the aftermath he became a little withdrawn.  Mouse wanted to help, but Devil begged her to leave him alone. As a good friend she respected his request and put it down to his grief, but kept an eye on him. Normally, Dedes get over set-backs in no time at all and sure enough, it didn’t take long before Devil found a new job. Everyone was excited and confident that once he found his feet in the new job, he will be back to his old self – It never happened!

Yesterday Mouse finally went to Devil and asked, “I hear you have a hard time at work. Philosopher says you get bullied”

Devil, who is very confident and assertive, looked at her for a while. “I am not sure whether you can call it that” he finally said. “Bullying is such a blanket excuse. A lot of people throw it in the ring simply because they don’t get their own way. And that is the end of any discussion, isn’t it.”

“But you have certainly lost your humour” Mouse remarked.

“Ah well, I have to get to the bottom of it somehow” sighed Devil “and that means a lot of hard, honest soul searching”