Phew, Detail has managed to find 10 brave Dedes to put their heart on the line for the new Super Dede Competition. I don’t know how, but she has. For the moment she is still holding the list close to her chest. It will be revealed in the week starting tomorrow.

I have to commend the three puppets on the management team. They work excellently together. Mouse is the hard worker, Detail makes sure, nothing is overlooked and Devil is the pretty public face. So, tell me what can go wrong?

However, there are still a few organisational issues to clarify and discuss. First of all, what is in it for our readers who comment or make suggestions? The management team decided that every single comment and suggestion will go into the draw for a signed copy of the first Dede puppet book Hermit’s Web or the few friends I need, I handcraft myself.  This is the story of how it all began. The puppets haven’t said exactly how many copies they will make available. If there is good participation they will up the ante and make more prizes available. They will keep you posted. Also, should you win and you already have the book, we find another Dede prize for you :).

So far, the Dedes have posted only one image a day on Instagram, for the competition this will most certainly change. To be honest, the Dedes totally dislike when you get bombarded with images from one single person, but to get all the information out they will definitely need more space. The headquarters for the competition is located on the blog. Here you will always find more info than on Instagram or Facebook.

Any questions?

Tomorrow morning Mouse will post the rules…