Welcome to the Super Dede Competition 2016.


This week is a preliminary round and you are asked to vote for your favourite puppet or puppets, those you would like to be contestants in the Super Dede Competition. Of course, not all Dedes are in favour of the competition and Detail has done a great job of rustling up these 10 brave Dedes to choose from. The five with the highest score will go on to compete. The others will be sent home. To help you with your decision the ten puppets were asked to briefly state why they are here.

It will be a bit tricky establishing the winner of the preliminary round, as the competition runs on Instagram, Facebook and this blog. Mouse will simply add the Instagram and Facebook likes to the poll result on the blog. We have until next Saturday to establish who will become contestants.

You can vote for more than one puppet and please, please, please tell all your friends to vote too :)

The Dedes work impromptu and they appreciate any comments and suggestions. We are all very excited about what is going to happen in the next four weeks. All comments will go into the draw for a signed copy of the first Dede puppet book Hermit’s Web or the few friends I need, I handcraft myself.

Now give a big hand for the applicants!

(In alphabetical order)

Alley Cat

“I am here because it wasn’t cool enough for Cool Cat, but we felines need a representative in the cast.”



“I want to be in the competition because I am sick of tidying up after all the other Dedes.”


Granddad Max

“I am old but I am not dead. We seniors have something to say.”

Granddad Max_s

Milky Bar Devil

“I am a devil in training and I want to learn how to become ruthless.”

Milkybar Devil_s


“I am here because I’m soooo prettaay.”



“Honestly, I am the only Dede who can sing. This is a singing contest, isn’t it?”



“I didn’t make it last time, so I’m trying again.”


Snotty Nosed Prince

“The king said I should experience what the commoners enjoy.”

Snotty nosed prince_s


“I want to be an artist and the prize money might set me up.”


Top Dog

“I will win. I am a joker, I simply trump them all.”

top Dog_s

Now, please vote for you favorite puppets!