We’ve received another story from a fan in Germany via facebook. This is really exciting. It is written in English so everybody can read it. Thank you so much, Armin!

However, I am still unsure how facebook works and I have to admit, I am very worried about privacy issues and all that. I am also not sure how to link from facebook back to the blog. The other way round works well for me :)

So I decided to copy Armin’s story to the blog here.

The Northern Hemisphere is moving into spring and it is very clear everybody is craving for more balmy, sunny days.  The healing power of the sun is just so amazing, isn’t it?

Here is the story:

alien competition

Alien tries to catch this big red star falling down into her hands. It’s spring on earth and everybody is looking up to the sky. This clear and wide open sky. Looks like heaven. Most people are looking for this near and at once far star called sun. Our yellow star. In spring this sun shows all her power. Suddenly the days become longer. And man and woman are excited. And the plants also spring.
A long time they had to live without light and delight. And many people were made insecure, if sun would ever come back. One day at a time it was dark and dull. And everybody became more and more tired. Some fall in depression.
But since yesterday all the dark clouds had left the sky and our mind. We feel good and lucky. We feel strong and so brave, that we would like to make this great world a better place.
So it will be, and nothing will stop us on our way to this bright future. Let’s work together. Nobody should stay alone. We will live together in love and peace under our helpful and supporting sun.
And Alien will catch a second sun for us just to make our live greater.