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philosopher cleaning

This morning we received another story for the competition. This time from our longstanding friend Arindam in India. He had exams and only got round to writing the story yesterday. He tells us how the image came about on a lovely spring day.

Unfortunately the Dedes are still missing and I can’t share my excitement with them. But I hope you all have a look. Don’t forget you can still write something about the image. The deadline is tomorrow (the rules are here).

I received a concerned question from Leopoldine asking what the skull in yesterday’s post was. It is nothing malicious, just a cow’s head I found when I rambled through the woods. The cow certainly died of old age. We don’t have predators in New Zealand that could be dangerous for animals the size of a cow. We don’t have venomous snakes and only one rare type of venomous spider. So life is pretty safe here. (Though I should add there was a fatal shark attack on Auckland’s West Coast last week. The first one in 37 years.)

This morning I finally made my way to the bottom of the garden and found Philosopher doing chores on his boat.

“Where are all the others?” I asked.

“With the builders in the house it was too noisy. We were only fighting and everybody got more and more agitated. No way we could have made any decisions. So Harvey invited all of us to his new burrow on the mountain top!”

“And why are you here and not with the rest?”

“I can’t stand decisions by committee. When you try to please everybody you will always end up in the middle of the road!”

“Tell me, what are they trying to do anyway?”

“I can’t reveal that. I have no mandate for it. You will have to wait!”

“When are they coming back then?”

“Who knows… When they are ready!” Philosopher looked at me and added “Didn’t you say earlier in the week we will quickly find out who needs whom more?”


Yesterday was the day. The first anniversary of my blog. Unfortunately the protagonists were missing. What a sad situation. I couldn’t really celebrate, could I? Not without my Dedes?

I have to admit, when they went into their strategy meeting I was shocked to hear I wasn’t invited. My initial thought was I must convince them they really need me. But being forced to step away from my Dedes and keeping myself busy with other stuff I had neglected for some time, I realised they need to explore their own ways. In the end they will figure out they need me more than I need them.

Do they really think they can do away with their artist? I am quietly confident I know the answer.

Let’s face it, it is a power game. One day they are scared of a looming end because I don’t look after them well enough. The next day they feel so confident and cocky about their own ability. Convincing themselves they could do a much better job than me and they should do  away with me altogether.

I wish I wouldn’t get involved in their little games, but I am not super-human. For some reason or another I always end up in the thick of it.

I am not sure what happened, but last night when I came home from sports the door to their meeting room was flung wide open, light still blazing, and no Dede to be seen. I looked in all their usual hang-outs, but the only thing I could find was a discarded robe. They must have left in a hurry.

I know by now they have a habit of leaving in a huff, but they always come back.

While I am waiting, I want to remind our readers that our story-telling competition is still on until 4th March. I called it a competition for lack of a better word and because you can win a Dede book or postcards. Alien still wants to have a new background story :)

mouse high five

Alien was indeed a bit too impatient. He had just left the room when the first story arrived. Written by his admirer Leopoldine from Austria, it’s a lovely long story in German recounting what happened when Alien was first beamed down to this place in the Dede World.

Mouse was truly delighted when the first story came in and she sends a big fat thank you to Leopoldine. Part of her delight was that she could stick it to Devil. Even though he is a very good mate of hers and she loves working with him, he can be a bit of a bully. Maybe it is a male thing – he truly believes he has the final say in everything and can get quite loud if he doesn’t get his way. He wasn’t a great fan of the story-telling competition. But Mouse stuck to her guns, trusting that Alien had come up with a good idea and believing she had good support from the rest of the Dedes, who – she sensed – were keen to try it.

Yesterday Mouse noticed that she might not have been totally clear with her rules. The story doesn’t need to be very long, it could also be a very short story, or even an extended caption. And everybody is invited to write, not just long-standing friends of Alien :). At the same time we don’t want to bully anybody into writing only because they are a long-standing friend. It is just an invitation to be creative. We are really curious what you make of us :)

You also can win the book ‘Hermit’s Web’ or 10 Dede puppet postcards. The rest of the rules you’ll find here.

Devil said to Mouse we shouldn’t exclude our Facebook fans either. Mouse doesn’t have much experience with Facebook and she  isn’t quite sure how it would work for them sharing their story with our blog friends. But of course if they want to do something they are very welcome as long as they let us know where to find their story.

mouse alien sush

“And, and, and…?” Alien asked excitedly when Mouse started up the computer this morning.


“Do I have a new story?”

“Not yet!”

“What do you mean? Are you telling me nobody has written in?” Alien’s face dropped.

“I knew it will be a disaster” Devil interrupted. “We should have gone with my idea!”

“Give it time! It can take a little while to come up with a new story” Mouse replied calmly.

“Where I come from….” Alien started.

“Shssh.” Mouse put her hand over his mouth to quieten him. “you are not allowed to say anything until next week. You don’t want to influence anybody in their writing.”

“At least tell the readers they can find the rules for the competition in yesterday’s post!” Alien begged.

“C’mon, our readers are not thick!” Mouse replied and left it at this. “A bit of patience wouldn’t go amiss.”

alien competition

The anniversary is drawing closer and the Dedes are still trying to come up with a catchy idea to celebrate.  Mouse suggested writing  a summary of the highlights of last year. She loves writing and would be happy to do the extra work. But Devil couldn’t see how the readers could participate. This was the most important requirement – our readers should be able to take part. He suggested having a gallery of the best images on face book and asking the viewers to vote on which one was the best. This idea didn’t fly at all. Mouse pointed out that there are only 14 fans on face book, and anyway, the celebration was clearly about the Dede puppet blog being one year old.

Alien listened to their argument and said: “Why don’t we combine your two ideas? Look, we know that my photograph was the best one last year anyway.”

“Who says?” asked Devil. “I know a few images of me which are equally good!”

“Don’t start arguing again, DevilMouse begged. But Alien held his hand up and explained: “Leopoldine said so. She won the postcards in the Super Dede competition. One of the postcards had this photograph, and she told us that I am her absolute favourite.”

“So what do you want to do then? I can’t really see where you are going with this…”

“I didn’t like the story that went with the photograph” Alien continued. “Let our readers invent a new story for it.”

“Ha, that is so silly. You can’t just invent a new story. What has been, has been!” Devil laughed out loud.

“Can’t you? Where I come from we do it all the time. If you don’t like your history you just re-write it!

“That is rather an alien concept” Mouse said. “But why not give it a go?” All the Dedes present turned their heads towards me and waited for my approval. After all, it was my story in the first place. “Go for it” I said. “I think it is a brilliant idea. It’s definitely worth a try!”

Mouse made a few notes on her pad. She is not the most creative one, but she is really good in picking up ideas and seeing them through. “Okay” she said after a while and ripped out the page from her note pad to pin up on the wall. It outlined the rules for the competition. Mouse’s scrawly handwriting is difficult to decipher, so I’ll type out what she had written here:

We would like to invite all our friends to celebrate one year of Dede puppet blogging by having a story-telling competition.

Rules for the story-telling competition

Everybody who wants to take part should copy the image above onto their blog and invent a new story to go with it.

Please send us a link to your blog, so that the Dedes and all our fans can read your story.

First prize: an autographed copy of ‘Hermit’s Web’ the original Dede puppet book.

Second and third prize: One set of 10 Dede puppet postcards each.

The stories can be written in English or German. Should a German story win, we will translate and post it on this blog here for all our fans to read. If an English story wins, we will re-blog and translate it on our German blog.

Competition ends 4th of March 2013 (midnight NZ).

We are looking forward to your stories!

“Oh I am so excited, I am so excited” Alien danced around the table “I will get a new story!”.

“What happens if nobody takes part?” asked Devil

“We have at least tried!” Mouse replied.

deutsch Frauleins Art

I knew it, I knew it! The Dedes can’t make up their minds about what they should do for their anniversary. Even worse, they are quarreling over whose idea is best. They are not used to brainstorming I guess. They are poo-poohing each other’s ideas and at any one time, one or the other puppet is sulking because they think their opinions don’t get the respect they deserve.

Sure enough, last night Deutsch Fraulein visited me in a huff. Her idea was shot down in flames. Of course, she is convinced her idea is the most wonderful one and she tried to lobby me to take up her case. Deutsch Fraulein would really like to have a photo competition called “My Dede World”. All the Dedes would be eligible to take part and enter one photograph, an interpretation of what’s important to them as a Dede. The viewers could judge which photograph is the best. Needless to say, Deutsch Fraulein has recently taken up photography and is out and about with her camera all day long. It’s a typical trait of the newly converted: She is overdoing it a bit and is getting on everyone’s nerves.

She showed me one of her latest photographs. “So what do you want to say with this?” I asked

“I don’t know, it’s just pretty, isn’t it?”

“There’s more to photography than just snapping something that looks pretty!”

brunch discussion

The first day of the year was all quiet. Most of the Dedes went back into their box and had a good rest. The more sensible ones – the ones that didn’t overdo it the night before – had an extended brunch on the deck in the sun. It was an amazing hot day, one of those where you think the world is standing still under a vivid blue sky. All you can hear are the cicadas in the bushes.

None of the puppets felt like talking much, but finally Witch asked me: “So what are your resolutions for the New Year?” …And I had thought I got off lightly by only having to make sure they kept theirs.

“In what respect? For myself or for you guys?”

“Is there a world outside the Dede world?” Witch asked. I had to laugh out loud. “Of course there is!” Immediately I thought up my first personal resolution for this year: ‘Make sure real-life  friends don’t think I am going totally gaga over the Dedes’. I don’t want them to call the men in white coats and have me committed!

“We are not really interested in your other life” Devil added, “so what are your  resolutions in respect to us and the blog?”

“Ah well” I said to buy some time. I hadn’t really thought about it. I am not big on making plans. “I promise I won’t put any of my other stuff up this year. I  know you guys didn’t like it last year when I put some of my photographs up. The blog will be entirely Dede.”

“Now that is a big ask! It would be nice if you’d finally learned it is not all about you!” Devil said. “I will remind you in due time… ”

“We could make a competition out of this” Foxy Lady suggested. “The one that can keep to their resolution the longest will be ‘Resolution Champion’.”

“But New Year’s resolutions are private affairs, aren’t they? Nobody is supposed to know!” I interjected.

“Don’t be daft” Devil said “No, you have commit publicly, otherwise it is pointless. Isn’t it?”

“But I know what everybody said. I am the keeper. I will let you know when someone falls off the waggon!”

“No, no… All the resolutions should be public!” Everybody who was at the brunch agreed. Now, this was a total misunderstanding on my side obviously. I had read the resolutions and stored them away safely in a nice box.

What do you think? Would you tell other people what your resolutions are? Shall I make all the Dedes’ resolutions public?

fairy and detail

We have the ‘Super Dede 2012’ result. The winner is… Mouse!


Personally I am surprised, as her performance during the competition wasn’t entirely convincing. But looking back on the full year, she is certainly the one who most deserves this title. She works relentlessly on behalf of all the Dedes to keep the punters happy and organises events and celebrations. As I write this she is putting the finishing touches on the big birthday celebrations that start tonight: The first Dedes are turning ONE! But, pssst, I don’t want to give away too much …

Devil and Detail, the organisers of the Super Dede competition, had a hard time rustling up some interest in the prize giving today. Everybody is already looking forward to the next event. In their little Dede minds the whole competition thing is so yesterday…. Smug Little Devil commented: “The timing was just out! You should have had it all done and dusted before Christmas…”

Devil turned to him and hissed: “Shut up” and Detail added: “I am so sick of your negativity! Even if you were right… I just can’t take it anymore!” Smug Little Devil was totally surprised by the reaction he got: “Wha, wha, I am just trying to give constructive criticism!” I had to chuckle, as I felt it was about time somebody said something. But of course I couldn’t let on. I try hard not to take sides, even though it is really difficult at times.

There are more winners of course. Any comments to a post during the competition went into a draw for a signed copy of the original Dede puppet book  Hermit’s Web or the few friends I need, I hand-craft myself and two packs of Dede puppet postcards.

Detail had asked Fairy Godmother to do the honors and draw the lucky winners.

And here they are:

The book goes to Arindam. Congratulations and thanks for all your comments! You have indeed been a great supporter of the Dedes and not just during the competition.

The postcards go to Whichwillitbe and leopoldinealferi. Congratulations to you two as well.

I will get in touch with you all via email.

her fault

I arrived back home late last night.  I didn’t take any of the Dedes with me on my holidays, as they accused me of favouritism as soon as I picked one of them up to pack into a box. So I left them all behind. This wasn’t a good move as it was raining non-stop where we were and a bit of hands-on puppetry would have gone down a treat. Never mind!

When I came home, all the lights were blazing. I tip-toed into the house to surprise the Dedes. It was a really bad idea as I overheard their discussion. They were sitting around on the living room floor lamenting about the poor participation in the poll.

Smug Little Devil said: “It is really her fault isn’t it? She should not have gone away in the hot phase of voting.”

“Why, what could she have done?” Socialite asked.

“Don’t you know the old saying ‘out of sight out of mind’!” Smug Little Devil replied. “She should have reminded our readers throughout week that they should vote!”

“But she was somewhere with no internet connection and anyway… maybe we only have nine readers?” Foxy Lady pointed out. “No way” Mouse butted in, “we have way more than that…”

“You know how to use the computer” Socialite turned to Mouse now. “You could have reminded the readers!”

“I am not doing anything without being given a mandate. She didn’t instruct me to send out reminders.”

“So we are back to what I said… It is all her fault, isn’t it?” Smug Little Devil pointed out with his unpleasant smirk on his face.

“Give her a break” Philosopher entered the conversation “She is allowed to have a break from us from time to time… She has put so much work into us all year… Where would we be without her?” Tears welled up in my eyes when I heard this nice remark and I was about to enter the room and hug Philosopher, when Smug Little Devil countered Philosopher’s words: “That point of view is futile really… you might as well say where would we be if we had a more driven Master? I believe we could be out there known by heaps more people. We could go travelling and could have a new exhibition somewhere every month. You can’t convince me that she is best for us!”

This made me turn on my heals and leave the house again, so I could come back making a  big racket this time, announcing my arrival to even the deafest of puppets. They all came running out of the living room towards the back door and shouted “We are so happy to have you back.” Leading the pack was none other then Smug Little Devil. I won’t tell you what I thought…

We are very close to the big finale: the winner of the ‘Super Dede 2012’ competition will be announced tomorrow! If you haven’t voted yet, here is the poll again. When I checked last, Mouse was leading. To read a summary of their performances, have a look at the previous post.

finalists again

Over the last three weeks, our final five candidates have been through the wringer 3 times. It is now time to establish who had the best performance overall to find out who deserves the title: ‘Super Dede 2012’. The lucky Dede doesn’t gain anything from the win. There is no acting contract or monetary riches waiting for him or her… It was the taking part that counts. However, for the readers of the blog, any comment to a post during the competition goes into the draw for a signed copy of original dede puppet book: Hermit’s web or the few friends I need, I hand-craft my self. Additionally, there are two consolation prizes of a pack of ten dede postcards.

First of all, a big thank you to Devil and Detail for organising the event on such a short notice, they did a formidable job. Yesterday they were busy writing summaries for all five candidates to remind you what has happened and to help you with your voting. Voting is of course anonymous and the poll will stay up over Christmas (I’m going on a holiday to a remote place with no cell phone reception and dial up!). The winner will be announced next Saturday!

Happy voting!


There were 3 tasks to fulfill. In the first week the candidates introduced themselves, in the second week they had to answer questions and in the third week they had to perform a skill.


pig one

Put forward by his mate Professor, Pig had a rough start as he had to battle stage fright. Not a talkative Dede at the best of times he answered the questions in round two very briefly. In his performance in the third week Pig used his weakness as a strength. The performance started off well, but was spoiled by a comment from the audience and ended in disaster.


mouse one

entered the competition as she has to have her fingers in all pies… She started off with a hiss and a roar, very well prepared and rehearsed. Due to too many other commitments her second and third week performances were relatively weak. In the second week she accused the artist of depicting her unfavourably and in the third week a complaint was lodged by a fellow Dede about her insensitive skills performance.

Cash Cow

cow one

entered the competition as she thought there would be some prize money. She tried hard to be different but came across a tad frumpy and whingy. One commenter remarked she was not convincing, as her eyes didn’t match her anwsers. Her skill was a solid yoga performance.


harvey one

The gambling rabbit, sort of tricked his way into the competition by employing a canvasser. His motive for taking part is to make friends and preferably to find a partner for life, but his performances left everybody speechless. His skill performance was a speed challenge that ended in a punch up with another puppet.


L'artiste one

entered the competition for fun and to be able to tell the tale afterwards. He didn’t expect anything and just went with the flow. His performances were solid but without highlights. For his skills performance he showed us one of his artworks and he is now craving to slip back into solitude.

And here is the poll:

A very big Thank you to all our readers from Dietlind & the Dedes. Have a Merry Christmas.