fairy and detail

We have the ‘Super Dede 2012’ result. The winner is… Mouse!


Personally I am surprised, as her performance during the competition wasn’t entirely convincing. But looking back on the full year, she is certainly the one who most deserves this title. She works relentlessly on behalf of all the Dedes to keep the punters happy and organises events and celebrations. As I write this she is putting the finishing touches on the big birthday celebrations that start tonight: The first Dedes are turning ONE! But, pssst, I don’t want to give away too much …

Devil and Detail, the organisers of the Super Dede competition, had a hard time rustling up some interest in the prize giving today. Everybody is already looking forward to the next event. In their little Dede minds the whole competition thing is so yesterday…. Smug Little Devil commented: “The timing was just out! You should have had it all done and dusted before Christmas…”

Devil turned to him and hissed: “Shut up” and Detail added: “I am so sick of your negativity! Even if you were right… I just can’t take it anymore!” Smug Little Devil was totally surprised by the reaction he got: “Wha, wha, I am just trying to give constructive criticism!” I had to chuckle, as I felt it was about time somebody said something. But of course I couldn’t let on. I try hard not to take sides, even though it is really difficult at times.

There are more winners of course. Any comments to a post during the competition went into a draw for a signed copy of the original Dede puppet book  Hermit’s Web or the few friends I need, I hand-craft myself and two packs of Dede puppet postcards.

Detail had asked Fairy Godmother to do the honors and draw the lucky winners.

And here they are:

The book goes to Arindam. Congratulations and thanks for all your comments! You have indeed been a great supporter of the Dedes and not just during the competition.

The postcards go to Whichwillitbe and leopoldinealferi. Congratulations to you two as well.

I will get in touch with you all via email.