waiting for birthday-2

Yes it is true, the first Dedes are turning 1.  It is difficult to pin point their real birth date. Isn’t that sad? All I remember is that it was between Christmas and New Year 2011 and it was raining! I vaguely remember their father, Procrastinator. I was supposed to tidy up my studio, but the pile of old newspapers wanted to be turned into something and this is how the story started. The first one that popped out was definitely Devil, quickly followed by Mouse, Witch, Deutsch Fraulein, Pig, Professor, Philosopher…. I can’t remember the exact order, just who was in the initial lot. Naturally I don’t want to rob them of their big day of celebration. Pity about all the other holidays around this time of year. Who cares, we decided to declare the 30th of December to be the Dede birthday.

Last night they were all hanging around a bottle of champagne we received as a Christmas present and waited for the clock to strike 12. You should have seen their long faces when I told them I am not opening the bottle as I am seriously concerned about their drinking. Remember the Christmas party at the park? Can you imagine anything more scary than a carload full of drunk Dedes? I can now! It is forty sober Dedes wanting a drink and coming for you, because you are the only one who can open the bottle.

“Just kidding” I relented and popped the cork. “Happy Birthday to all my Dedes!”