First things first, the new puppet has a name: Norman T Newbie III. Sounds like old money, doesn’t it?

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The Dedes are a bit wary of the new one after his gaffe with the gun, but they try to stay open minded and will watch him for a while.

Well, while they were watching, Top Dog jumped into action and slidled up to the youngster.


“I could use a young lad just like you” he said to Norman T Newbie III and put his arm around his shoulder, “You could be in charge of security at my rallies.”

The young one was flattered but didn’t want to look too keen. “I am not completely finished yet” he said half-heartedly. “Don’t worry, I’ll look after you. I know what you need and I will give you exactly that” replied Top Dog and offered his hand to seal the deal before Norman T Newbie III could think of another excuse.