Norman T Newbie III had to go and see Sunny, the artist’s assistant, to get his protective coating. He quite liked the young aspiring artist and thought they had much in common. At least they both wear a baseball cap. He wasn’t afraid to ask “Hey, do you want to work with me? I am head of security for Top Dog.”

Sunny didn’t even have to think. “No thanks” he said, “I am definitely not working for that guy!”

“You can say what you want about Top Dog, but he certainly keeps his promises!” Norman T Newbie III said contentedly.

“What makes you think that?” Sunny asked surprised.

“He said I will get my final coat, and here I am already.”

Sunny sighed. “Sorry to burst your bubble, but the coating is common procedure for Dedes!”

After Norman T Newbie III had left Sunny went to see his teacher L’Artiste.


“Is he really Head of Security?” asked Sunny quite depressed now. He knows he is considered one of the losers because he wants to be an artist.

“No way” said L’Artiste to console him. “He has just fluffed up his CV to make himself more important. He is no more than a common thug who does Top Dog’s dirty work!”