“Hang on,” said Nitpicker to Sunny “did you really mean what you said yesterday?”

“What would that be?” asked Sunny who could barely remember what he had for breakfast yesterday, let alone what he said.

“You said, that you knows the others think you are a loser because you want to be an artist” 

“Yes, that is the case,” Sunny nodded and smiled.

“How can you know what others think?” queried Nitpicker.

“They make me feel it,” answered Sunny.

“I can’t argue with what you feel, these are your personal emotions. But please don’t make others responsible for those emotions. Think about it, art is the basis of the Dedes and if they dislike artists wouldn’t they pull the rug from under their feet?”

Sunny shrugged his shoulders and mumbled, “that is too much to think about.”

Nitpicker shook his head in disbelief. “Rule No 1 in the artist’s handbook: Think!”


“What does he mean by that?” Sunny asked L’Artiste finally, while they were cleaning the brushes. But of course his teacher didn’t have a clue what he was talking about.

“That I should not make others responsible for my emotions!” clarified Sunny.

“You tell me” replied the teacher.

“I wish you would give me more guidance” said Sunny quite annoyed. He really likes the quick answers.

“But I am guiding you to figure it out for yourself!”