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cow confiscated mobil

The Dedes lack strategy. They all know it. Devil also complains about them being unprofessional, whatever that means. He is not specific! As a result, one of their New Year’s resolutions was to have regular meetings on Monday morning to discuss the upcoming week. In future they want to make all their decisions by consent. If all agree, it must be right, right? First meeting and Devil shows up with his mobile under his arm, sits down and browses through Instagram (the Christmas period was long enough to get him addicted).  Cash Cow got so angry she demanded he hand over his device. Snipedy the clown said “Whatever. At least he has something to do and doesn’t make any detrimental comments.” The discussion went on forever and by lunchtime they still didn’t know what to do this week. Don’t you hate these Monday morning conferences?

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Some of the Dedes are such copy cats. They have no original ideas and prefer to stick with what is tried and tested. After Cash Cow told Devil yesterday that he had no chance as fluffy toy, he thought his best bet for Instagram success would be a funny cat picture. Luckily there is a cat amongst the Dedes. So he took his mobile and went to track her down. As usual she was minding her own business in a quiet corner of the studio. It appears poor Devil doesn’t know a thing about the felines… Being a real one, Cat couldn’t be bothered with what Devil had planned at all. Though he tried so hard to convince her, Cat just didn’t move! Then…. all of a sudden Cat streched and Devil thought that was so funny. We love cats!

devil and casch cow relaxing

Yesterday we had a storm forcing Devil to get out of his hammock only to move straight onto the sofa. Out of boredom he decided to check out Instagram more closely. Cash Cow joined him on the sofa with a book. She expected a quiet relaxing afternoon, but she very quickly regretted sitting next to Devil.  He interrupted her every couple of seconds and wanted her to look at a picture. First he was really excited. “Look at all these fluffy toys and what they are doing. They are out in the world traveling. I wish the artist would take me too.” He found so many images he liked and then, ah, how he enjoyed images depicting snow. He would so love to be in those places. It is January and it should be cold and white. Then he looked at all the photographers,  then at all the painters, then at Lego people doing things and then at fluffy toys again. And the longer he spent on Instagram the more his excitement turned into an anxiety. “Here are all these fluffy toys doing things and they are so cute and cuddly. They have so many followers and people want to know what they are up to. And here I am sitting on our sofa looking on the mobile to see the world. Who the hell knows me? Who gives a toss about me!”

Cash Cow sighed deeply and put her book to the side. “Look Devil…. I am telling you, you are not in competition with fluffy toys! You are not soft and you are not even cute. Maybe a Dede might think you are good looking, but that is it. You were born a No Body like all the other Dedes and while we try hard to dress up as something, we will always be Nobodies!”


mouse editing

Mouse is extremely annoyed with Devil at the moment, though she will not admit it. They used to be such good friends and worked together brilliantly. Honestly, they were a fabulous team.  Devil has the big ideas and Mouse ties up all the loose ends he leaves along the way. But lately he is too negative for her  liking and naturally she keeps a wide berth from him. She desperately wants to have her old mate back and really would love to tell him to snap out of it. But she has no idea how. Any suggestions? She is not a particularly straight talker but rather a quiet worker.  The best therapy for her is immersing herself in work. Naturally she held her hand up to edit the film they did on the 10th day. I have to admit it wasn’t the best idea. Repeatedly watching the footage over and over made her even more angry with Devil. He so wanted to be the director, but then he just sat in his director’s chair and did nothing much except nod from time to time. It starts to chew Mouse up and this is truly dangerous.  We all know that it gets too much for her at regular intervals and then she screams at everyone because she feels all the work is just dumped on her. It might be coming soon!


Devil is depressed again. Each time the Dedes finish a project – even a small one – he has to take a couple of days off to question what the troupe is doing. Recently, the Dedes have started on Instagram and while Devil is overjoyed, the silly Dedes are not alone. He also developed an anxiety. Looking around Instagram Devil realised the Dedes are up against an entire army of traveling fluffy toys. It seems to be very fashionable to take an inanimate companion on a journey (I wonder if it has something to do with the film Amélie).  Anyway, he is convinced I should go traveling, take him with me, and leave all the other ones behind. Needless to say, this idea didn’t fly with the rest of the Dedes.

six punters paying

…my true love brought to me six punters paying, five golden things, four thrown-off frocks, three strange friends, two purple gloves and a chicken in a dead tree.

In the original carol, the true love had send presents up till now. Strangely after day 5 it changes to activities that can be watched or joined. On the sixth day “Six geese a laying” were sent. Having backyard chickens I definitely would value the laying fowls. My present of course was different: Six Dedes showed up with bundles of money. Maybe they had found the geese from the original song and they were of the kind that laid golden eggs. Or maybe the Dedes adopted the Chinese custom to repay debts before the New Year so they can start with a clean slate. Pity only that it was some sort of monopoly money, God knows where they found that.

Previous presents

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boxing gloves2 copy

…of Christmas my true love brought to me Two Purple Gloves and a Chicken in a Dead Tree.

Now I am even more bamboozled. They obviously didn’t put much thought into their selection of presents or who is going to deliver them. Isn’t the bunny totally out of season? Also, in the original song, the second present was “two turtle doves”. Doves are the symbol of peace. The gloves and the rabbit’s posture looks more like fighting stance to me. He looks very determined, too.

Previous present


Chicken in a dread tree


crumpets and chamber maid

Sometimes I have the feeling the Dedes are the only ones that use their cookbook. But then I got this really lovely email yesterday about the launch event

Thanks for iniviting me to the launch of the Artist’s Survival Cookbook. It was a fantastic idea to have guests try making the recipes and my 8yr old son had a ball. Being of Italian descent it was great to have my son making and then eating his own pasta. The experience was so successful that I understand Santa is bringing him a pasta maker this year.

So we have at least one young convert. I would say that was a mission accomplished :)

devil shaking hands

I can assure you, the Dedes are wrong, I wasn’t slack in the past months. I just had an energy-sucker of a job. I have recently resigned from this absolute terrible workplace. Let me rephrase that, the job as such wasn’t terrible, to be honest it was my dream job. I loved the students and every minute of teaching, but the school was suffering from a bullying culture, created by a bunch of alcoholics. One of them also showed very strong signs of a cluster B personality disorder. I only realised how much the situation sucked me dry – particularly my creativity – once I had resigned. It was an, how can I say that… “interesting” experience and I am surprised that I got to my age without having come across such a dysfunctional workplace before. Unfortunately I am very loyal person and often stick around longer than I should, because I so believe I can make a difference. Not!

Okay this was my rant for the day!

I hope the Dedes understand now why they have been a little neglected lately. And they were right, they didn’t get as much attention as they deserved. My first peace offering to them was, that I set up a new zazzle product for sale: An apron with the image of  Milky Bar Devil presenting his delicious hamburger bun – the cover shot of The Artist’s Survival Cookbook. My old mate Devil got all emotional after he’d realised I am back on board. He shook my hand and said we should renew our pact. I didn’t know we had one!

Artist's Survival Apron
Artist's Survival Apron by dededesign
Many more kitchen apron designs online at zazzle” apron designs on zazzle

fairy godmother flowers

It’s so typical. First the Dedes insult me, then they send a peacemaker to say they are sorry. Obviously they weren’t entirely serious about sacking me as an artist. I am not sure whether they had a meeting last night, as I was out with real friends. So they had the chance to discuss our relationship without running the risk of me eavesdropping. Anyway, today Fairy Godmother brought me a bunch of flowers she picked from the garden. She apologised for the rude behaviour of her peers yesterday. At first I thought it was very sweet, but then I had the feeling it wasn’t heartfelt. They must realise that they need me as much as I need them. Maybe they are aware that I might drop them if they continue to treat me as if I was their lackey. We are in it together. Sure enough, she then added “but there is a bit of truth in what they said yesterday.”

“I know” I admitted. “But honestly, I don’t know what to do anymore. You guys expect the impossible.”

“Look, I can see where you are coming from” said Fairy Godmother in a conciliatory voice. “I’m in the same boat. Everybody expects me to work wonders too, but it is evident that I have hit a brick wall on more than one occasion” and she pointed to her forehead. “You simply have to keep going!”

“I need more support from you, though. You have all these wonderful ideas but you just dump them on me and you never stick to anything!”

“What do you mean?” Fairy Godmother asked surprised. “Don’t forget we are only puppets!”

Now my dear readers. What do you think? Are they an ungrateful bunch or what? Does anyone have an idea what I should do with them?