devil and casch cow relaxing

Yesterday we had a storm forcing Devil to get out of his hammock only to move straight onto the sofa. Out of boredom he decided to check out Instagram more closely. Cash Cow joined him on the sofa with a book. She expected a quiet relaxing afternoon, but she very quickly regretted sitting next to Devil.  He interrupted her every couple of seconds and wanted her to look at a picture. First he was really excited. “Look at all these fluffy toys and what they are doing. They are out in the world traveling. I wish the artist would take me too.” He found so many images he liked and then, ah, how he enjoyed images depicting snow. He would so love to be in those places. It is January and it should be cold and white. Then he looked at all the photographers,  then at all the painters, then at Lego people doing things and then at fluffy toys again. And the longer he spent on Instagram the more his excitement turned into an anxiety. “Here are all these fluffy toys doing things and they are so cute and cuddly. They have so many followers and people want to know what they are up to. And here I am sitting on our sofa looking on the mobile to see the world. Who the hell knows me? Who gives a toss about me!”

Cash Cow sighed deeply and put her book to the side. “Look Devil…. I am telling you, you are not in competition with fluffy toys! You are not soft and you are not even cute. Maybe a Dede might think you are good looking, but that is it. You were born a No Body like all the other Dedes and while we try hard to dress up as something, we will always be Nobodies!”