mouse editing

Mouse is extremely annoyed with Devil at the moment, though she will not admit it. They used to be such good friends and worked together brilliantly. Honestly, they were a fabulous team.  Devil has the big ideas and Mouse ties up all the loose ends he leaves along the way. But lately he is too negative for her  liking and naturally she keeps a wide berth from him. She desperately wants to have her old mate back and really would love to tell him to snap out of it. But she has no idea how. Any suggestions? She is not a particularly straight talker but rather a quiet worker.  The best therapy for her is immersing herself in work. Naturally she held her hand up to edit the film they did on the 10th day. I have to admit it wasn’t the best idea. Repeatedly watching the footage over and over made her even more angry with Devil. He so wanted to be the director, but then he just sat in his director’s chair and did nothing much except nod from time to time. It starts to chew Mouse up and this is truly dangerous.  We all know that it gets too much for her at regular intervals and then she screams at everyone because she feels all the work is just dumped on her. It might be coming soon!